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What Lies Below (2020)

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Fear comes to the surface. 2020/12/17 87 min.


What Lies Below is an online film directed by Mike De Luca. The movie is about a group of teens who vanishes while on a hike in the woods. The only clues they leave behind are cryptic clues and pictures that were posted online. Years later, a high school student and his friends stumble upon the old pictures. These teenagers then embark on a massive quest to find the rest of the crew and find out what happened to their friend.

If you want a thrilling and creepy online horror movie that you can watch anytime, what you need is What Lies Below. In fact, what you get is a great online thriller with some excellent images and a gripping story line. What Lies Below is definitely worth your time. You will definitely know everything you need from just reading the trailer or checking out the movie's plot. The movie streams free on Hulu so you do not have to worry about any pay per view fees.

So what exactly is What Lies Below all about? It is about a group of teenagers who discover a body buried in the woods. They soon realize that the deceased was a victim of foul play, and that he had been killed by someone who had been stalking them. The movie is made even more scary when you consider that it is all caught on tape and that the killer is finally caught after using his power to force the other teens to lie.

What Lies Below is produced by Lionsgate Entertainment and distributed by Amazon Video. Amazon Video is one of the largest online retailers of online movies, television shows, and music videos. You can find almost anything you want, legally, at Amazon Video. What Lies Below can be streamed for free right from Amazon Video, which means you don't have to pay any monthly subscription fees to enjoy it. The only cost is that you must know where and how to find the streaming movies. You will be delighted with all the trailers and clips you find on Amazon Video, but you might not feel that the film is very good just yet.

Because this movie has yet to be certified by the MPAA, we aren't guaranteed that it will be scary enough to scare the pants off your children. Based on the novel What Lies Below by L. J. Smith, the movie definitely has a lot of promise. It will most likely be a huge box office hit, which is great for genre fans as well as new movie goers. If you love horror movies and videos, you should absolutely add What Lies Below to your list of must-see movies this summer.

What Lies Below doesn't promise too much, but it sure makes up for it with some fantastic special effects and action sequences. It's been receiving a lot of attention since it released, so prepare yourself for the surprises inside the movie. This movie isn't just a run of the mill horror movie. It is more of a psychological thriller about the reality of human nature. The trailer really only shows a small part of what the film has in store for us. You will need to wait until the movie comes out in the theater to see for yourself what happens between David Strathairn and Vera Salak, but right now you can at least enjoy the streaming of videos online for free!

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