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Wild Mountain Thyme by Luc Besson is an upcoming movie starring Tom Cruise as Alex Cross and Morgan Freeman as John Constantine. It is as great as the original and worth watching for any fan of science fiction and/or movie. Wild Mountain Thyme is already available for free on YouTube and the movie can also be purchased for a pay check or rental in several other countries worldwide. The movie has been shot in Romania and the movie trailer was filmed there as well.

The plot of the movie is after an unknown virus causes the death of millions of people all over the world, mostly in the United States of America. Alex Cross finds himself in a new place called New York City and is unaware that he has been transported to this place of death and destruction. A Time Paradox makes things more complicated when Alex is thrust into the future and becomes the only living person in the town where he is assigned to work as a personal bodyguard for the newly arrived millionaire, John Constantine. He quickly discovers that he has to kill a lot of people to clear his name and prevent a massive plague that will kill everyone in the town. The movie is directed by Cameron Crowe and produced by Lions Gate Entertainment and Village Road Media.

If you are planning to watch Wild Mountain Thyme from the internet then there are a few things that you should know before getting started. First of all, this is a streaming HD movie so you need to have a good internet connection to stream it. It may work with your slow dial up connection but it's not guaranteed. Also, your computer should have Adobe Flash support or the capability of using flash videos. If your internet has either of these capabilities then this movie should work well on your computer.

The internet is a great source for finding many things including movies. You can try a search engine to find the Wild Mountain Thyme. Then just find the viewing site and subscribe to the service. It's totally legal and you won't be violating any copyrights or other legalities. You can even make a little money through advertising on the website if you use the code given.

All I know is that this movie sounds interesting. Maybe it will be worth the price that they are asking for it on iTunes? I am not sure. If you are going to spend a few hundred on iTunes or Google to download it, then at least you have the option to burn off and share the movie on DVD. However, this may take some time because the site is complicated to use.

Another thing about this movie that I am not sure about is about the cast and crew. It does look like Tamil Sangam stars. The music is very South Indian in style and definitely my kind of stuff. But the full movie to download from iTunes seems to be only available in Hindi language, which is not the main language of India that I know of.

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