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22 vs. Earth (2021)

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2021/4/30 9 min.


In an all-action, suspense thriller written and directed by Tom Hanks, 22 vs. Earth revolve around a worldwide cleansing initiative during the early minutes of the first manned mission to Mars. As the first group of astronauts prepare for their historic mission, they learn that another, smaller planet lies beyond Earth's orbit, with its own hidden history and aspirations for its inhabitants. When a collision between two NASA space shuttles sends all the astronauts from Earth to this foreign world, they are met by an alien race who have been stranded on Earth for centuries. Now, with only hours before they are due to return home, these humans must use every ounce of strength to battle for their own lives and their planet's future...

Starring in the movie as two of the main characters, Ellen Clapsaddle and John Hurt are actress Anne Hathaway. In the short, 22 avoids the usual rules of The Great Before & After and refuses to return to earth, enlisting a small band of souls in her quest for revolution against the unfair rules of The Great Before & After. But as her comrades' dangerous actions result in unexpected consequences, 22 revolutionary plots may just lead to an unexpected surprise about our meaning of life...

Directed and written by Tom Hanks, 22 vs. Earth is a hilarious film that features one of his best roles to date. Although Anne Hathaway's character is an outsider looking to find a meaning in life after the death of her loved one, she is also able to bring humor and humanity to her role. In the movie, Hathaway plays the role of Jessica Lewis, an earthling whose quest in life is to find her deceased father's unfinished business, which involved opening up a pizza parlor on a planet called Earth. Jessica's brother, played by Matt Damon, is also an integral part of this movie, playing his deceased father's (mask) ex-boyfriend, played by Jeff Daniels.

Jessica tries to run the pizza parlor by herself, with the help of her friends (which consist of the sarcastic, wise-as-witty brother and a few wise-as-witty butler). But everything goes terribly wrong when her deceased father tries to get back to earth and finds out that the business has gone bust, leaving Jessica and her friends to fend for themselves. The film soul, however, doesn't take the comedy twist at the end of the film that most other animated films try to do. Instead, the film soul takes a serious look at the greed and power that is the root of evil in this movie. It makes you feel that the character of Jessica was chosen specifically to be a foil to the comic character in this film. As a result, Jessica loses her sense of humor and becomes a cynic who distrusts everyone.

This film did not ultimately belong in that movie's title. That movie, while hilarious, did have some good one-liners, and the animation did entertain somewhat. However, the entire concept of Jessica and the other main characters (all named after famous actresses) being based on "fairy tales," and watching them attempt to live their lives in a world where fairy tales don't really exist, was a little bit much for me. I am not sure why, but I felt as if the movie was trying to be too cute and did not take itself too seriously. Regardless, it is still a very entertaining watch, despite its less-than-serious premise.

This is a great movie that just about anyone can enjoy. If you are a fan of comedies, then you should give 21, it's a great little comedy that should satisfy your cravings for something light-hearted. However, if you are looking for a feature film soul, then you will most likely be disappointed by this one. But if you are a fan of science-fiction/mind-blowing movies, and love to watch stars like Jessica Chastain and George Clooney do weird things, then you should definitely check out New Soul 22.

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