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Survival is Power 2021/10/22 93 min.


The new film "7 Prisoners" by Brazilian-American filmmaker Alexandre Moratto examines the exploitation of migrants, a class-conscious theme that resonates with the audience. The director, a Brazilian, has won international awards for his short films and his feature debut was recently nominated for a Golden Globe. His first feature film, "The Book of Eli," won the best foreign language film award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The film's dark, gritty setting makes the themes of oppression especially powerful. A boss who is opportunistic and jealous becomes torn between his duty and his ego. This corrupt boss tries to intimidate his workers and intimidate them, and their only response is to work harder. Mateus is forced to join the ranks of the prisoners and fight back. He realizes that if he continues to rebel, his family will suffer the consequences of his actions.

A young man from the countryside of Brazil is sent to a squalor-ridden city in search of a better life. His naive attitude and desire to succeed in life push him to take a job in the garbage dump in Sao Paulo. He is tempted to join the local gang, but instead decides to stay in a junkyard. Luca takes Mateus under his wing, slowly converting him into an assistant, despite his lack of money.

The story is a complicated and complex one. Christian Malheiros and Rodrigo Santoro play the main characters in this absorbing and well-crafted film. The Brazilian star is the protagonist and is also a fine actor, who is not afraid to show off his talents onscreen. The film is a worthy addition to Netflix. It is rated R for language and violence, but its complex story and powerful performance will leave you wanting to watch it again.

The film has some interesting elements. The film's setting is set in a junkyard, but the scenes are often shot in a filthy junkyard. At one point, the film cuts to a slum next to an abandoned factory. In the beginning, the slums are surrounded by glittering skyscrapers, but the people in the slums don't look like that. Nevertheless, the movie is a brilliant example of art-driven films.

The first half of the film is a battle of wills, but the second half is filled with gripping performances. It is a well-acted film, and the tensions between Mateus and other workers are palpable. The central dilemma is a bit simple, but the tensions between the characters are sharp and deeply felt. In the end, the story is a climactic thriller that carries a surprisingly powerful message.

The film begins in a prison, where a group of naive laborers is incarcerated. As the film progresses, they begin to explore the systems and structures that govern their lives. Ultimately, these stories of hope and despair are reflected in the gruesome scenes, which are framed against the backdrop of the gloomy world. While this is a film of naive hope, it does not have a happy ending.

Original title 7 Prisioneiros
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