Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon
Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon (2021)

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2021/2/9 84 min.


Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon is a 2021 South Korean film directed by Korean-Chinese actress Bushaeng Lim. It's a remake of the Japanese film, Spirited Away. It's also the first movie about a Chinese girl that I've seen that actually makes me feel like I'm in India. The story revolves around a young girl who lives in the Amazon Rainforest.

One day, she and her father find themselves stranded on an island that's part of a vast underwater theme park. They are separated from their mom and dad and have to survive on their own. There, they meet Nube, a young boy who is part of an abandoned and preserved human colony that was meant to be a research facility for an aquatic creature research facility run by scientists. In order to investigate the strange phenomenon, they enlist the help of Nube's grandma, whom they also learn have strong telepathic abilities. Together they discover that there has been a terrible murder of seven people who were working on a water project for the facility. It was meant to test if a man made substance could actually telepathically communicate with aquatic creatures, but instead it caused seven souls to go missing.

Based off of an animated book, Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon follows the story of three teenage girls, their attempts to survive in the jungle, and their adventures involving telepathy and the Amazon. Animation appears to be a large part of this movie. Almost all of the visual details involve some form of animation. Music is provided by J.R. Bach and provides a soft background score while scenes of exploration or night time driving are shown through shaky camera work.

Aside from the story and the animation, what really draws my attention to this movie is the animation itself. In an age where computer generated imagery (CGA) is standard fare, the movie utilizes animation in spades. The Amazon river scene alone has over 20 minutes of excellent animation, which adds to its charm. The way the colors are rendered on screen is truly amazing. The colors pop, the forms move, and the overall effect is very magical as it takes you to another world, one where the colorful and lively peruvian legends truly exist.

The production company that put together the film, namely Pixar, did an excellent job of creating a film that will please both classic fans of fantasy as well as modern viewers. Both film buffs and fans of today's style of animation will thoroughly enjoy this movie. It's rated for both kids and adults (PG and MPAA). It also comes with a feature documentary that delves into the fascinating background of the production, as well as interviews from cast and crew members. Plus, they included some not so common footage in the special features. Overall, this is a fun and entertaining film that's sure to be a hit at the festival box office.

Overall, this is an excellent film that uses the unique style of animated films to tell an interesting story. The visual content is impressive, while at the same time the story is engaging and easy to follow. I hope that people who haven't yet seen the film will do so because of the beautiful colors and the breathtaking animation. It is truly an effortless and breathtaking film that's definitely a must-see movie download if you happen to live in Peru or if you happen to be a fan of this type of spirit.

Original title Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon
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