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America: The Motion Picture (2021)

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This summer they're redrawing history. 2021/6/30 98 min.


America the Movie is based on the book "the America the Movie." George Clooney plays the lead role as Ben Affleck, an American actor who finds himself starring in the hit motion picture "America the Movie." America the Movie is the second highest grossing comedy film ever after the Harry Potter (Potter) series. It tells the story of two friends who find themselves in grave danger at a small mountain retreat. The friends begin to make each other's life worse as they try to save each other. As their friendship unravels they find that their lives are threatened by a snake that attacks its prey.

America the Movie continues the adventures of the main characters as they deal with the political turmoil going on in the country and the rise of the Third Reich. At one point in the film you will see the three wise men debating the pros and cons of the war. Ben Affleck plays the role of George Clooney's character in the movie, while Jennifer Lopez portrays the role of Howard Stern. America the Movie is very parodic in how it deals with history and fictional elements.

While the movie is mostly about American history the writers and directors have also included many foreign elements. The historical figures in the movie that are considered parodies areselves very parodies such as Alexander the great, Louis XIV of France, and Napoleon Bonaparte. For those of you familiar with American history the humor derived from these historical figures is funny. For those of you not familiar with American history the inclusion of these parodies may be offensive.

One scene in which America the Movie takes a jab at its country is when a character states that America needs more lawyers and judges. Then another character says, "You need to America!" This is in reference to the fact that the United States of America was founded on the basis of the European idea of "human rights." When one views the movie through the perspective of a politically correct person, they would think that the judge saying "you need America" is making a joke. America the Movie then goes on to say that the only way for America to stand up for what she believes in is to show her true colors by getting an abortion and then starting her own business.

In one scene the movie shows that the first black president of the United States is shown to be wearing flip flops. Barack Obama has been lampooned in the media on a number of occasions by jokes that make fun of his race for President. The first black president of the United States of America was ridiculed during the last presidential election for being a "hater" by some jokesters on TV. No one in America loves being called a hater but this is exactly what Barack Obama has been called repeatedly during his political career.

Some of America's most popular celebrities are also victims of many of the jokes directed at them. Miley Cyrus had jokes written about her that made her seem even more like a target. America's most popular talk show host Jay Leno was once lampooned for calling John F. Kennedy a "liar" on his show. Even some of America's most beloved comedians have had their careers made easier by some of these jokes. George Clooney received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2021 after some of the more colorful political jokes were told on his show.

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