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She is Amina and she fears nobody. 2021/11/4 120 min.


Amina is a historical character, who changed the fate of her people and is linked to the Prophet Muhammad. Her name means "faithful" or "honest", and the film was made in Nigeria and Arab countries. The implication of the N in her name is her bravery and unpredictability, and she must overcome her innate fears and irrational concerns in order to achieve her goals. In addition to her history, Amina is also the name of the queen of a medieval African kingdom, which is located in present-day Nigeria.

The film stars Lucy Ameh, Clarion Chukwura-Abiola, Ummi Mohammed, and Chris Gbakann. Yakubu Mohammed and Ali Nuhu also star. The plot follows the life of Amina and the challenges she faces as she defends her family's kingdom. While Amina can be romantic, she also values physical comfort. While the M in her name indicates that she has great financial success, the M in her name is what keeps her mentally healthy.

In the movie, Amina is a woman who tries to protect her family from invasion. While a warrior, Amina has to suppress her natural feminine emotions to survive. The Chadic language, spoken by the Hausa people in southern Niger and the area around Zaria, is not usually used in global cinema. This makes Amina's story all the more interesting because it's based on a true story.

The story of Amina's death has a fascinating saga. In the 16th century, a king and queen fought and conquered an army of men. The battle was won through the courage and strength of Amina, who led an army of men to victory. Her imposing palace and walls still stand today in the northern part of Nigeria. Amina's legacy lives on in the culture of the Hausa city-states.

The film's screenplay is based on the northern Nigerian folklore, and many believe that Amina would have spoken in English. This is not a surprising claim, as the movie was financed by the Gerda Henkel Foundation. The Netflix-financed film is set in the 19th century and will be released on November 4 on the streaming service. The filmmakers of the film have re-created Amina's legendary throne and are bringing it to life in modern-day Nigeria.

Amina Mohamud was a Hausa Muslim Warrior queen from the 16th century. She was a powerful woman and fought for her country with her life, and in the course of her reign, she shocked the Islamic world. She was the first woman to lead mixed-gender Friday prayers, and her name means "truthful". The word amina also refers to a lion's mouth and the mother of the Prophet Mohammed.

The name Amina is a popular Muslim baby name. The Arabic version means "faithful" in Arabic. It also has other meanings such as "mother of the prophet." The name Amina is a good choice for a girl. There are many things she likes, and she has a strong sense of self-determination and willpower. While she isn't a romantic person, she can make friends easily and is a great companion for those who love her.

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