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Army of the Dead (2021)

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Survivors take all. 2021/5/14 148 min.


Winner of eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Army of the Dead is a damn good zombie movie. The film takes place in California in an aftermath of the undead outbreak. As the citizens of Vegas struggle to deal with the virus and fend off zombies, an unknown group of survivors make their way through the underbelly of civilization. While the plot of the movie is compelling, it can be faulted for one or two underwhelming elements.

Army of the Dead follows the exploits of a small group of survivors who make their way through an endless expanse of wastelands. After a massive zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, an unknown group of survivors take the final risk by trekking into the dangerous quarantine zone. Escaping the dead and dying, these survivors become members of a ragtag band of survivors who are slowly made better by each new member. But when danger looms, a deadly virus sweeps the land, and it is up to a special team of doctors to help these people stay alive and well.

Despite its early premise, Army of the Dead maintains its quality throughout the movie. The acting is convincing, the acting believable, and the overall pace effective. However, some scenes could use some improvement. For example, when a character is about to get shot and dies, there is no point in showing his last moments because that will not move the plot. Likewise, when the characters are driving, they should have been shown driving in slow motion so as not to oversell the effect.

Like many films of this genre, Army of the Dead features a mixture of reality and fiction. The military soldiers seen in the film are actual members of the armed forces, but they look like they have been filmed on a computer or live action movie. This blending of reality and fiction makes the film more entertaining and more realistic than many other undead movie flicks. The undead are more interesting because they are made to seem real.

Army of the Dead also benefits from some excellent special effects. When the virus causes the dead to rise, they are wakened by a bright light and a loud bang. This is one of the best examples of computer graphics ever used on film. In addition, most computer-generated monsters are frightening enough to keep the viewer's attention.

Army of the Dead is available for rent online. Fans of the film are excited to rent the film before its release date. Although the film has not received the commercial success it hoped for, it is still a fun and exciting film to watch. Renting Army of the Dead online provides fans with the opportunity to see the film multiple times before its official release date.

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