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Asia is the largest and fastest developing continent, found mostly in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres. It shares the northern continental land mass of Eurasia with the land mass of Europe, with North Asia encompassing a large area of Central Asia and the southern land mass of Asia-Oceania. Asia comprises the richest continent with wildlife and plant diversity in the world. Asia has a huge market potential, owing to its population densities and has shown tremendous potential in terms of economic growth in recent years.

The most populous country in Asia is China, which is also the most densely populated country in the world with an estimated total area of around 22 million square kilometers. India is the second largest country and accounts for over a million kilometers of coastline. Pakistan is the third largest country and is landlocked in the south east.

Asia is divided into seven principal nations, which are North Korea, Republic of Korea, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Japan. All these are in close proximity to one another but have fairly different political systems. Each nation has a unique culture and has unique beliefs and ideologies. A major center of trade in Asia is in the form of oil and gas in the Middle East. Much of Asia's population lives in cities such as Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei.

Russia is Asia's largest country and accounts for almost a quarter of the total area of Asia. It is a great trade partner for many Asian countries including India and Japan. Russia has close political and economic ties with India and Japan due to their proximity and strategic location. In addition, Russia is an important producer and exporter of energy and natural resources including oil and natural gas.

China is also an important player in Asia and accounts for about one-fourth of the total land area of Asia. Because of its vast land mass, China has a great influence over the economic development and politics of many Asian countries. On the other hand, India is also growing rapidly and is becoming a strong economic, political and cultural powerhouse in Asia. It also shares its border with Russia, Korea and others. Both India and China are rapidly emerging as the most powerful and fastest growing countries in the future.

The world's fastest-growing economy and the fastest-growing urbanization region in the world today are in Asia. Asia has the highest per capita GDP growth rate among all the major regions of the world. Asia is emerging as the major market for both developed and developing countries. In the next decade, Asia's economy will continue to grow at a rate that is faster than the average of all the other regions of the world combined. The increase in Asia's total area as well as its share in global GDP growth have made Asia the new center of the world.

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