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2021/8/18 105 min.


The Stronghold, a film directed by David Fincher and starring Michael Caine, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino is one of my favorites. The movie is about a group of California Highway Patrolmen who must deal with the perils of driving on the freeway while supervising a motorcycle patrol. The movie begins in the late night hours in Los Angeles as the cops drive around looking for drunk drivers. Once they arrive at their destination they get out of the car and stop the bikers for questioning only to find that the bikers have just killed nine people.

I'm not sure if it is the plot or the actual filming of this movie that gets my goat, but either way it is a dull and slow movie that I don't think anyone will really like. I know there is some buzz online saying that The Stronghold is actually a streaming movie, but I don't think that's true. Streaming means a different thing to different people, so you'll have to check that out. The movie was released in early 2021, long before the advent of streaming services, and therefore shouldn't be appearing any streaming sites any time soon.

Anyway back to the movie itself. The movie follows a group of corrupt cops who are part of an organized crime syndicate. One of these cops is assigned to watch The Stronghold online for any new updates. The movie follows the daily life of The Stronghold, as some of the bikers drive around in their personal cars and shoot up everyone that is in their path. Once this happens several of the corrupt cops get killed, forcing the lone cop in the car with a new assignment to find out what has happened to The Stronghold and kill the criminals that were behind the attack.

The movie starts out with an interesting story premise. There is an abundance of violence, and this spills over into some very graphic gun shooting scenes that will make most people cringe. Fortunately, none of the actual filming of these gun battle scenes is shown on screen. The Stronghold is filmed by somebody named Jason Blum, who did a lot of low budget independent films before going on to produce The Blind Side, and also directed and co-produced The Ten, which starred Michael Douglas. The ten hour movie was released in theaters just ahead of The Blind Side, and Blum definitely made the most of his time producing The Blind side. He actually has more of a following now, due to the success of his The Ten films, and The Stronghold movie just might push that career into high gear, or at least allow him to move forward from his current projects.

The Blind Side was a critical and commercial success, and The Stronghold is sure to continue to entertain viewers for many months to come. It's definitely worth catching if you have a chance, because it is a fantastic film. If you are not a movie buff, or just don't have much interest in watching movies anymore, I highly recommend that you catch The Stronghold online. You can find many trailers, reviews, and interviews about the film right here on my website, along with my review of the movie itself. This movie is definitely worth checking out, as long as you enjoy a good movie.

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