Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar
Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021)

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The friendship we all want. The vacation we all need 2021/3/29 107 min.


Barb and Star go on a fabulous adventure of a lifetime when they choose to leave their tiny Midwestern hometown for the very first time. They start in their new home, California and set off for an unknown adventure in the wilderness. This hilarious comedy follows their journey across the wild west, from the big city of San Francisco to the vast mountain ranges of Wyoming. The movie portrays their travel with humor, touching moments, comical circumstances and genuine human interest. It shows their sincere desire to see America and become part of the vibrant culture of this great country.

Barb and Star are a lively and funny couple who manage to keep the audience's attention throughout the 90 minutes of this entertaining comedy. The storyline and the acting are extremely realistic and the movie just about sells itself. You will laugh, cry and feel sorry for the couple as they go about their life-changing adventure. This film is about their journey of finding the perfect relationship and then taking that next big step and going their separate ways. It is about finding the happiness that can make your life worthwhile.

This romantic comedy tells the story of two adventurous people who find themselves going into the wilderness. Their journey takes them to the beautiful state of Wyoming. They start their adventure by setting out on a grand train ride. The fun and good times roll right into a hilarious sequence of slapstick comedy, adventure, fantasy, and romance. Barb and Star finally end up in Montana where they partake in some extreme horseback riding, shoot some westerns, visit the Grand Canyon, and a lot more. The adventurous activities and the funny sequences deliver a memorable movie experience.

Barb and Star go to Vista, CA to visit the relative they have not seen in years. The two of them spend the morning at Star's cabin while they go for a horse ride in the afternoon. Barb and Star enjoy all of the adventures and fun in this adventure film. It really has some great adventures and laugh out loud moments. It has some great special effects and animation but overall, it is very entertaining.

Barb and Star go to Vista, CA for a vacation after their marriage. They really enjoy spending time with each other and are happy to explore all of the fun attractions and locales in this area. They end up in a lodge that is a few blocks from the beach and the two of them have some fun in the surf. They are interrupted when a wave smashes a window and tow rope pull them out of the water.

The trailer for Barb and Star Go to Vista, CA is entertaining. The two hour long movie is well worth the time you spend watching it. You will enjoy the laughter, adventure, and romance that are shared between the two of them. If you enjoy thrillers and love adventure, this movie has everything you would like in it.

Original title Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar
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