Batman: Soul of the Dragon
Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021)

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Get ready for the ultimate showdown. 2021/1/12 83 min.


Several new photos from the upcoming movie Batman: The Dark Knight have just been released, featuring both Batman and his nemesis, Bane. You can check out photos from both versions of the Dark Knight. The Batman that appears in the trailer is quite different from the actor Tom Hardy as the master detective, The Joker. Hardy's version has a mullet hair cut that he had since the beginning of his Batman career.

Hardy's Bruce Wayne was born in Depression-era Gotham City, and after several years spent in an insane asylum, he was cured and turned into a much happier man. He trained hard to perfect his skills in martial arts and weaponry, and he soon became known as the "Bane" of Gotham city. You can see some of the weapons used by Bane in the Batman: Soul of the Dragon movie, which gives us clues about what kind of weapons and skills the master criminal, Bruce Wayne, has been using throughout his time as The Joker.

Another look at the villain's history shows that he has many followers, all of whom want to take over the streets of Gotham with the help of their army of super-villains. Batman must defeat each of these groups of evil doers to finally win the fight against the Dark Knight. Fans who want to see more of The Dark Knight will surely be glued to this movie for months on end, and they may even decide to go back and watch the entire animated series in the future. They may even write a few scriptbooks based on the characters and the storyline of Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

It is interesting to see how the comic book and the animated series have changed over the years. While the former has stayed true to its roots, the latter has brought it to new heights. In the past, Batman: Soul of the Dragon has featured a Batman who was more of a masked vigilante, where he fights villains off with his batarangs, but he has also become more of a hero in the eyes of the public. This was evidenced by the huge number of television and film superheroes that we have seen in recent years. Batman has been able to overcome any obstacle put in front of him, whether it was a real threat or an imaginary one, and he has always been a part of people's lives.

One reason why Batman: Soul of the Dragon is an interesting watch is because it is not only one of the Batman films that has been produced, but it is also one of the rare r-rated superhero movies that has taken the world by storm. It tells the story of Batman's first encounter with The Joker, who is played by Tom Hardy. The movie, though it takes place early '70s, is well paced and exciting, especially when Hardy's dark and brooding voice comes over the screen. The late Heath Ledger playing the Joker brings in a serious level of presence as The Joker, and the performances of everyone else in the cast including Anne Hathaway, Jack Nicholson, and even Catwoman (Diane Lane) make the late Heath Ledger's performance one to be remembered by Batman fans.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is an animated movie that tells the story of Batman trying to save Gotham City from the evil forces of The Joker and The Riddler. Though it takes a while for the viewer to get caught into this movie, once it does its amazing, intense, dark comedy is hard to forget. Batman uses his knowledge in martial arts and fighting to try and save Gotham City. The fighting in the movie is very realistic and if you have not seen an animated comic book movie before, I highly suggest watching Batman: Soul of the Dragon first, just to see how they do fight.

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