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Born to be murdered. 2021/8/4 109 min.


Netflix's long awaited release of Steve McQueen's award-winning crime thriller, Beckett with John Lewis will open wide the doors of worldwide box office excitement for a full year till its release date. Set against the backdrop of the Notting Hill era of Notting Hill and London in the late nineteen seventies, this crime thriller stars Matt Damon as an American tourist staying with a British family in Greece. The movie channels some serious foreshadowing of right man syndrome as John Lewis goes from his abrasive middle-class upbringing to the rough life of a professional boxer in the twentieth century. It also explores some great emerging talent in the filmmaking front, as online sensation Netflix puts up a breathtaking trailer for the movie at no extra charge, allowing us fans to enjoy the movie without having to cough out any dough.

Netflix thriller Beckett lines up a host of budding talents in both the filmmaking and directing department. The movie zigzags through some heavy Right Man Roles Syndrome as John Lewis slowly loses himself in his adopted homeland - a world where everyone speaks the English language, social hierarchy is clearly defined and social status is measured by wealth. The movie also explores some dark undertones where a corrupt British government agency sends John and his associate Alice to investigate the murder of a prominent public figure. This turns out to be more of a political scandal involving top bankers and their secret dealings in international banking.

If you are among those who love online full movie streaming, you will have already been excited with the news that Netflix will be releasing three more Steve McQueen movies in the next year. However, if you happen not to have access to these fantastic movies online, don't worry because they are available from all major movie rental companies such as Blockbuster, iTunes and more. In fact, it is highly likely that you will find all of the films including the new release anytime soon. Here are a few other titles that you might want to catch up on:

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