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2021/8/18 105 min.


Black Island is a futuristic German film directed by Miguel Alexandre, scripted by Miguel Alexandre and featuring Lisa Carline Hofer, Alice Dwyer, and Mercedes M√ľller. The movie is based on the works of Thomas Harris, who wrote the novels Charnas Wedding and The Dark Zone. Black Island sees Dr. Isaac's character exploring the dark area around Antarctica, searching for something that has gone missing. In the novel the character goes to a location called "Black Island", which resembles the filming locations for some scenes in the movie. The book was made into a motion picture by Universal Studios and released in the theaters in the summer of 2021.

The plot of the film is very similar to that of the book, with Dr. Isaac traveling to an unknown location where he hopes to locate something that has been frozen in the ice for millions of years. While there he becomes stranded with only his dog, Marley (Alice Springs), to go on. Eventually, while exploring the frozen land he encounters a huge polar bear, who he kills in the process. Shortly thereafter he stumbles upon a huge mechanical creature, which turns out to be a portal to another world called "New Earth" populated by humans.

In the new Earth, there are other survivors from the planet above, who have also become stranded. However, it soon becomes apparent that their numbers are dwindling as the winter sets in, and they begin to fear that they may be unable to survive another winter on this strange world. On Black Island, however, a girl (Kirsten Dunst) arrives who lives alone on the island with no one else on the island. She suddenly becomes interested in the paranormal and becomes the target of a group of bullies. Soon, several other survivors show up, including Tom Selleck (Robert Downey Jr.) - who is an escaped convict - as well as Max Goldman (Jennifer Aniston). Together they must fight to survive against the winters, and learn about each other while exploring the strange New Earth.

Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Jr., and Kevin Spacey - who all star in the latest movie - do an excellent job of playing the characters of Black Island, and it would have been much more interesting if they had more of an actual character to play. However, the true strength of the movie (and the entire Disney Channel movie line) is the storyline, which is the basis of the entire animated series. It's fantastic to see how the writers managed to create a believable setting here, using it as the basis for an exciting story that doesn't waste time with unnecessary scenes of romance or melodrama. The overall pace of the film is rather fast-moving, even though some of the fighting may get a bit slow at times.

The music in this movie is another strong point. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is an absolutely amazing song - fitting in perfectly with the mood of the movie. This song was actually the theme song for the movie, and probably has been one of the most recognizable in history. The music fits perfectly into the movie, adding an air of mystery and adventure to what could be a rather simplistic story. This song, along with the excellent visual elements, makes "The Day the Earth Stood Still" one of the best movies of 2021.

Overall, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is a fun and entertaining film from the Disney Channel. It contains great characters, a good plot, and a great soundtrack (and music). If you are looking for a great animated movie, with perhaps some story elements that you won't find in Disney classics, this is definitely a good one to check out. I would recommend watching it with your kids. It's a wonderful story about man vs. nature, that you will both enjoy.

Original title Schwarze Insel
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