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Her world. Her secrets. Her legacy. 2021/7/7 134 min.


Black Widow (aka: Black Widow) is an anti-hero who first made her comic book debut in Marvel Comics' Amazing Spider-Man #101. She is the wife of Dr. Curt Connor, also known as Binary. While she was merely an employee of the Center for Mental Health and Clinical Applications, her husband's shady activities ultimately caught up with them. She left him in order to start a new life, but was murdered by a lunatic called Electro.

The character's name was derived from an old Russian fairy tale about a bride being forced to kill her own brother in order to appease a monster. It has been said that the ghost of the bride who killed her brother later haunts the current Black Widow (nicknamed "The Queen"), so in order to defeat The Queen, Black Widow must kill The Avengers themselves. This makes for an interesting contrast between a superhero and a supervising agent.

Black Widow's past is shrouded in mystery, but she was supposedly married to a man called Natalia Alianovna. According to accounts, Natalia was not the romantic type and was more concerned with having a good husband than anything else when it came to their relationship. But then, there are those that say that both spouses were lovers, which is just as well. Whatever the case may be, The Avengers were hired by The Kingpin to prevent The Mandarin from acquiring power over the city. So where does Natalia Alianovna fit in all this?

Well, first of all, let's look at how she got her start in the comic book world. As an ally of Iron Man, Black Widow assisted him in fighting villains such as The Hand, The Red Skull, and The Eye. However, while many comic book readers assumed that Natalia was simply an employee of The Kingpin, it was revealed in one story that she had been recruited by Hydra into their secret splinter group and later became known as the Black Widow.

So where does this leave Black Widow and The Avengers: The Fury of War? In one scene, Black Widow throws a handbag at Hawkeye, which causes Hawkeye to go blank and turn into a crazy man. Then, later in the same scene, Black Widow tells Hawkeye that she has information concerning an impending gamma ray attack on Earth. From this, we can deduce that both Hawkeye and Black Widow know about The Avengers: The Fury of War movie, but why did they not share this information with each other?

The answer lies in the fact that they didn't know that the information came from The Winter Soldier. Since The Winter Soldier was an anti-hero turned spy, Romanoff thought that she could kill The Winter Soldier before The Avengers: The Fury of War movie ever happened. It's also possible that they didn't know that Dr. Romanoff was actually working for Hydra, since he had placed an encrypted transmitter on The Hulk's skull. When The Avengers: The Fury of War movie finally hits theaters, we'll be sure to see who Black Widow ends up betraying and destroying the team again.

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