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Blood Red Sky (2021)

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2021/7/23 121 min.


Watch Blood Red Sky Online Full Movie Free, Serie number one!! Blood Red Sky is the eagerly awaited sequel to the hit movie of the year; 2012's Iron Man. The third installment in the highly successful MCU franchise, Iron Man 3 saw the death of Tony Stark as well as the destruction of his own family. With Iron Man 3 fresh on everyone's minds, now is the perfect time to see the second installment of this highly entertaining movie franchise. In this film, Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark, along with most all new cast that includes appealing actresses Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. resembled Don Cheadle in the third installment of the Iron Man series, and Donnelove Smith as Rhodey.

Iron Man has been a mainstay in the Marvel comic book world since its debut, and in fact, the second issue of the comic book saw Tony Stark get arrested and spend the night in jail. After he was let free, he formed an organization called The Association of Super heroes, with the goal of preventing super criminals from taking over the world. With the help of various underground organizations including The Mandarin, Rhodey also began to form his own terrorist organization. However, The Mandarin soon realized that he needed Rhodey's expertise when it came to national security issues.

The Mandarin soon discovered that his time travelling abilities were actually genetic enhancements. He then travelled back in time, which led him to the birthplace of the renowned superheroes - USA. There, he recruited several of the brightest minds in America's history and recruited some of their associates as well. One of these included Dr. Curt Connor, who was a world-renowned geneticist, and had created several alternate universe versions of himself. The Mandarin then gathered a team of other powerful villains and used them to attack the United States of America, using their genetic duplicates.

When this attack was stopped, the US President ordered a missile strike on the Mandarin's headquarters. However, The Mandarin escaped to the planet Kangolook. There, he merged himself with the Leader of the Kree race, Duragnon. Together, they sought out the red sun of Earth and merged into the Silver Surfer - who was of course, The Red Dwarf.

During the battle, The Surfer managed to send the Silver Surfer into an incredible energy bubble, trapping The Mandarin inside. However, The Red Dwarf was able to emerge unscathed, and transformed into a new identity, which was called Ironheart. The Surfer was still badly injured when he was taken away to a secret facility, where he underwent numerous experimental treatments. The treatments included turning the body into a metallic monster, and even shrinking it. However, none of this worked, and Ironheart was left weak and ill after the treatments.

The Leader of the Kree was approached by Doctor Doom, who wanted him to cure the weakened Doctor Strange. However, Doom made another interesting discovery - he discovered that Strange had been restored from his coma. He then decided to use this knowledge to take over the world, and ruled it using a mysterious device known as the Hand of Truth. In order to defeat Ironheart, Doctor Doom turned all the Kree heroes to his side. It was a great plan, and it nearly succeeded, but when the Fantastic Four arrived to save the day, they discovered that the Hand of Truth was a control device and activated it, turning the heroes against each other once more.

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