Breaking News in Yuba County
Breaking News in Yuba County (2021)

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Sue Buttons has one killer story 2021/5/20 96 min.


The movie, Breaking News in Yuba County, has received mixed reviews. Some people have said that it is too dry and that the acting is not good. Others have called it an exciting and funny movie. If you are in the mood for a good movie that you might not have seen on DVD, then you should consider giving this one a try. It certainly promises an interesting comedy, though it s at times hard to find where the flaws lie.

The story begins with a news report about a high school student who was arrested for vandalizing someone's car. While being questioned by the police, the son of the victim reveals that he had an inkling that his mother was cheating on her husband. With this information, the police have been looking for a suspect, so they set out to find this man.

Joining the local police force, Capt. David Ward (OP) goes to a convenience store with his new partner, Terry Rawlings (ED), to question the shop clerk. Terry is obviously suspicious of the store manager, so David decides to follow him and question him as well. Within the store, David gets some valuable information about the man he is investigating and his wife. This leads him to suspect his wife is cheating on her husband, so he goes inside to check up on her.

While inside, he finds that his wig is missing and decides to investigate further. But first, he stops by a beauty salon where he spots a woman who looks suspicious. Shocked, David thinks he wants to hire a detective, but then decides to ask her to give him a ride home instead. She agrees, so he goes off to check out the salon and while waiting for her, notices a man with a wig walking towards him...

The next day, David and Terry go to the police station to speak with an investigator. He tells them about the similarities between the wig found in the convenience store and the one found in the beauty salon. The woman who took the wig and wore it claimed that it was a wig made by Joliette. David and Terry then pay a visit to Joliette's house and look like you would expect, except for the lewis growing in their backyards.

Based on the true story of a young African American woman who was found to be illegally working in the United States, Breaking News in Yuba County is a comical look at what happens when you're not what you look like. It is a little lighthearted and comical at the same time, making it a fun watch. The movie even includes some music from the movie, "Don't Take Me Alive." I'm looking forward to seeing more movies from JoJo and Awkwafina!

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