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Rest in pieces 2021/1/12 93 min.


The upcoming horror-thriller Kill 'em All by Butchers is a dark, gritty and terrifying zombie movie steeped in a never-ending conflict between its protagonist and the forces of darkness. The film is directed by David Fincher and stars Ed Harris, Jessica Alba, Justin Hartley, Christopher Walken, and several lesser known actors. What makes Kill 'Em All such a unique and intense film is that it manages to combine intense combat scenes with a gripping story and an engaging main character. While this first part of the movie is slow and droning, once the action picks up it is a fast paced action movie that will no doubt make you hungry for more.

We first meet our protagonist in an urgent circumstance: his family has been brutally murdered and he must find a way to escape. Upon his arrival, he realizes that there are not just any zombies out there; they have come to hunt him. Escaping into the woods, he meets some newly arrived zombies but also encounter other survivors and a badly wounded boy. The boy is saved by the paramedics and taken care of until the group makes a retreat back to the safety of their campsite.

Once there, they discover that another group has been wiped out, and the leader is still alive. Worried that the undead might be coming after them as well, the group decides to split up and each takes on one person as a lookout while the others sneak up on the zombies. As night falls, they discover that not all of them made it. With no food or water to sustain them, they start starving and dehydrated.

When they are attacked by the zombies again, they engage them in a struggle. After taking down several zombies, they are joined by another group led by a man called Calvin. Together, they fight off the lone zombies and destroy most of them, although one manages to escape back into the camp. With no other choice, the group decides to eat the dead bodies to rehydrate themselves, but as they do, a few of them get lost in the woods.

As they trek further into the woods, they encounter more zombies and the whole thing becomes very tense. The suspense and tension only get higher as the movie goes on. Eventually, the group finds its way into a massive oak forest where they encounter the final survivor of the Butchers. Calvin is revealed to be a doctor. As he heals a severely injured survivor, another group of Butchers shows up and begin a vicious attack. In order to save the newly healed boy, Calvin allows himself to be eaten by one of the Butchers.

This movie has a lot of humor throughout. Despite its bleak story, it manages to use humor to keep it from becoming depressing. There is even one scene where Butchers are eating each other. Overall, this movie was a pretty good movie. It just had a little too many twists and turned out to be a pretty short movie.

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