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Dare to say his name. 2021/8/25 91 min.


Candyman is a strange movie, not exactly a comedy. Although the title suggests otherwise, the movie isn't really funny in the classical sense of the word. It's more of a horror film, in the same genre as Saw. It stars Michael Caine as the psychotic Candyman, along with a series of weird people from his neighbourhood. The movie is rather different from the other horror films from the '80s, and it doesn't have the camp and slapstick humour that so many other comedies of that era do.

Candyman (aka Candyman II) is a direct sequel to its successful predecessor Candyman (also known as Candyman). Though the plot of Candyman II is the same, it doesn't follow the same pattern, the whole movie is a bizarre mish-mashing of a number of different stories, ideas, characters, motifs, and styles, and everything just seems to blend together in a way that is truly extraordinary. It's like everything happened in quick succession. If you enjoyed Candyman, then you'll definitely like this second movie.

In the first film, Candyman II, Michael Caine plays Candyman, a visual artist who moves into a new home with his family in a small town. Things are going well for the Caine family until their neighbor Mr Jones (Eddie Murphy) appears from nowhere, killing all of the adults in the home along with his son before turning himself in. Before he does, however, Candyman has other plans and drags his family to his house of horrors. Now they must find help in order to survive and get back to their normal lives, while dealing with the ghost of Candyman who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. With a series of bizarre occurrences occurring around the house, and a killer lurking in the shadows, Candyman II provides a visual artist with the opportunity to create a movie that is equal parts terrifying and funny.

However, the true strength of Candyman II is how it deals with mature subject matter. Unlike the first film, which deals solely with a teenage boy's hallucinations and dreamlike experiences, Candyman II takes a more mature and disturbing look at the dark side of man. While it still contains a number of gory kills, the movie isn't primarily concerned with how some kill might affect the viewer or how gratuitous violence might feel. Instead, Candyman II makes a point to show the futility of violence by focusing on the brutality of what violence can do to those who are vulnerable and in need of love. Whether it's through the rape and murder of a stranger, the sexual assault of a woman whose mind has been damaged by the act, or even the emotional pain caused by years of abuse, Candyman II gives a true depiction of how violence can destroy the lives of those it chooses.

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Overall, anyone looking for a good scary or gory movie should definitely give Candyman II a try. Even if you aren't familiar with the original works, you will find that this is an entertaining and intelligent film that tells the tale of a young boy haunted by the memories of his own gruesome death. With a strong plot, interesting characters, and a wealth of thrilling set pieces, Becacandyman II is certain to be a big hit for sure. Check out the movie online now to get a taste of what's in store for us in the future! Happy viewing!

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