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Chernobyl: Abyss (2021)

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2021/4/15 136 min.


The Chernobyl 1986 nuclear disaster occurred in the Ukrainian SSR and cost $1.5 billion. This event killed more than 800 people, including dozens of children, and was the worst nuclear accident in history. The reactor exploded on 26 April 1986, killing 84 people. A year later, the world is still recovering from the resulting ash cloud. In this article, we will explore the disaster and what caused it.

A surly 10-year-old boy, Alexey, is the focus of the film. In the movie, he's the only one of the three shift workers who knows where to find the valves, and he's the only one on the team who can safely open them. The movie also explores the causes of the accident and the victims' stories. It's also worth noting that this is the only official account of the disaster, as there are numerous reports comparing its cause with Chernobyl.

Rodnyansky, who survived the Chernobyl nuclear accident, is the narrator of the film. He's a former reactor operator who became a television executive and producer. The story follows him as he navigates the complicated, complex, and sometimes harrowing process of restoring the world's energy supply. Ultimately, his vision for the film was realized. While the movie is not as accurate as the true events of the disaster, it is an excellent, eloquent account of the aftermath of the accident.

The disaster has caused the deposition of radioactive materials throughout Europe. The reactor itself exploded, spilling 5% of its core. The failure of the reactor's design led to an explosion and fire, killing two workers at the plant and injuring several others. Furthermore, the accident was the result of poor training and insufficient equipment. As a result of the explosion, over 350,000 people were evacuated, including hundreds of thousands of children.

The film is based on the actual event that occurred in 1986. It takes eighteen days to share the story. Its plot follows the traumatic events of the Chernobyl disaster, and features the brave men and women who fought for their country and a better world. But the tragedy of the nuclear explosion is still not over yet. The TV series is based on the true story of the disaster.

The film tells the story of a firefighter who volunteers to drain the reservoir at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He tries to do his job, but it is not easy. In the end, the movie is a moving account of the events that occurred at the plant. The resulting catastrophe has left hundreds of people dead or injured. Despite the ramifications of the accident, many still live on after the disaster.

Because of the severity of the radiation exposure, the Soviet authorities tried to prevent the spread of the radiation by constructing a concrete sarcophagus over the reactor site. The sarcophagus lasted six months before the reactor's gas release. After the initial incident, the reactors are reopened a few months later. The RBMK nuclear power plant is the most widely used in the world.

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