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Hit like a girl. 2021/2/4 98 min.


Winner of eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Chick Fight is one of the most controversial movies of all time. When Anna (Lori Singer) turns twenty-one and sets off to find a way to get her hands on some big money in the San Francisco bars, she starts out with a plan that almost seems too good to be true...but it actually is. When Anna arrives at the bar with her new boyfriend, Guy (Rajin Tahiliani), she immediately sparks a rivalry with the beautiful blonde beauty of the same age, Ariel (Tilda Swinton). But when Ariel discovers that her old friend Maria (Carla Gavowski) has joined the fight club, she makes her way into Anna's orbit, challenging her friend to a game of chicken...

With an impressive cast that includes Michael Caine, Marilu Henner, and Kurt Russell, The Chick Fight is a film that has a lot going for it. Apart from the screenplay, the movie benefits from the unique voice of Rajin Tahiliani as its own resident cockroach, Mr. Quirky (the best part of the movie), and Mark Linn-Baker as the patron saint of all cockroaches, Mr. Quirky.

It also benefits from the fantastic cinematography of Simon West. Most of the movie takes place in New York City, which is a spectacular city to watch in it's own right. In particular, the fights between the various fighters (which are almost too many to mention, but you definitely have a sense of them) are filmed with a kind of amateur film-quality, which really adds to their feeling of authenticity. Also, the fights are stylistically designed so that they are not completely ludicrous but are designed to be comical and entertaining. The cinematography also helps a great deal to keep the movie from becoming completely bored, as well. If a movie is not going to make you laugh then it probably isn't going to be very successful.

Beyond that, the other major thing that makes The Chick Fight such a great comedy is the energy level that the movie brings to the table. Women get a kick out of watching chicks get into real fights, and that energy gives the movie a kind of energy that a lot of other chick fight flicks just can't match. Plus, unlike a lot of other animated comedies, The Chick Fight is able to build its characters and plot-lines on a foundation of something more than mere comedy, but something that actually educates as well.

In short, The Chick Fight is a wonderful comedy that manages to be funny, exciting, and educative at the same time. It is the perfect comedy for anyone that likes a good chick fight movie, or even a good comedy in general. It is a movie that will stay on your mind long after you've put the DVD in your DVD player. A lot of comedies are only there to be funny, but this one is designed to stay on your mind long after the last laugh has been made.

The Chick Fight is an awesome movie that is well worth the price you pay for it. Sure, it has that silly little chick fighting idea that will make you laugh, but the real reason to watch this movie is for the energy that it gives the women of today. It's a fun movie that is definitely better than the old rip-offs that you may have seen in the past. If you want a great chick comedy that will make you smile and have your heart just burst, then pick up The Chick Fight and have a blast.

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