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Ciao Alberto (2021)

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They go together like pasta and pesto. 2021/11/12 7 min.


This animated short film has the look and feel of a Pixar film. It is the story of an adolescent boy, Alberto, who leaves his village and begins a new life in Portorosso. In the film, he makes friends with the local fisherman, Massimo, and discovers his dream of being a fisherman. However, he is sad to realize that his best friend Luca has gone to college and isn't there to share the experience.

Despite his inexperience, Ciao Alberto has some great moments. It is a funny comedy about a young man who tries to get along with his boss. Grazer and Massimo play the two main characters, Alberto is a cop who has problems with people. He is overeager and has a tendency to alienate people. He also fails miserably at his work. In the meantime, he does not show any remorse for his mistakes, which he later reveals to his boss.

"Ciao Alberto" is a Disney+ Day short film that premiered in November. The short focuses on the bond between Alberto and his best friend, Massimo. He wants to impress his boss, but has trouble getting the job done. This film tries to overcome this problem and shows the importance of unconditional love and respect in parenting. It is a fun and witty story and will make you laugh.

A comedy about the feelings of difference in children and the desire to fit in. The comedy is based on Massimo's friendship with Massimo. Its premise is a great premise and will appeal to young viewers. If you've seen "Luca," you'll recognize Alberto's struggles. In Luca, he is an ideal candidate to impress his new boss. With the help of his new friend, he learns to thrive and becomes a successful fisherman.

"Ciao Alberto" is an animated film about the adventures of a young sea monster named Luca. This film will show the two boys as they become friends, as they begin to learn how to support Alberto. As the two men get older, they become more mature. They eventually marry. The movie will feature the characters in their new home. Moreover, the short will contain sight gags, a story that could have lasted an entire movie.

The film is a sequel to the hit animated feature Luca. Luca, a young man in the thirties, is a single father and works alongside his boss. While Alberto works with Massimo in his new life, he stays in touch with his father through letters. He claims to be lonely and longing for a father, but Luca has already left the town. The traumatic experience that he suffered after his dad's departure is a very fertile emotional ground. He has a father in his life.

Like Massimo, Alberto dreams of a life with Massimo. His goal is to impress Massimo. He lives in Portorosso with Luca as his best friend. During the movie, he gets to meet Luca's father. During the time he waits for Luca, he sees his father in the same lighthouse. He is in the right mood.

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