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2021/3/12 105 min.


When the term 'Came True' is used in any part of the English language, it's generally with a laugh. But in Japan it is a common saying. So what is it? I'll explain below.

Come True is a Japanese movie, which tells the story of two high school classmates who live near each other. The boy named Yuya goes off to college, but ends up getting into a lot of trouble. His best friend Tsubasa comes along, and the two soon discover that come True is a very powerful and funny movie. They find themselves skipping school, getting into fights, stealing and breaking stuff, and basically enjoying themselves until someone starts to bother them. When they go to the police, they find out they can't break the law while being in the country, so they decide to make Come True into a crime story, which they dub 'The Movie'.

A movie isn't quite as simple as it might sound. There are three aspects to making one, and they are acting, plot, and screenplay. Come True is no exception. Yuya and Tsubasa are both amazing actors - and the screenplay is nothing short of brilliant. In the movie, Yuya actually gets to kill people.

Come True is available to watch online for those who are fluent in Japanese. You don't have to be an expert Japanese speaker to appreciate it. It does have some excellent animation, though it's not exactly breathtaking. If you have seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. In fact, the only way you'll get spoiled is if you've seen it already!

The best way to obtain a copy of the movie, however, is to rent it online. There are a number of websites offering these, but it seems that Anime imitators are the hottest on the market right now. Sites like Hulu, Netflix, and Google Play all of the movies available in digital format. Crunchyroll is another option, but only for English-speaking users.

The movie has received a fair amount of criticism. Many fans believe it to be nothing more than an extended promotion for the Japanese company. Others, however, point out that the movie follows in the same mould as other award-winning Japanese movies of the past few years, such as The Princess and the Pea. Whatever your opinion, it's hard to ignore Come True - at least as a movie. With some fantastic animation, well-realistic story, and excellent acting, it's easy to see why it's been embraced by fans of Japanese films. The next time you want to see a great anime movie, don't hesitate to check out Come True.

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