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A sequel is in the heir. 2021/3/5 110 min.


Forming a crew in order to investigate the mysterious death of a Royal Air Force pilot that crashed near Sarawak, the young prince from the United States becomes an unlikely hero when two Chinese women witness the crash and her husband decides to help. Needing a son to take his rightful place at the head of the royal family, Prince Azeem ventures to N.Y., finding his long lost son and bringing him home to Sarawak. Although his selfishness almost cost him his life, he succeeds in saving the life of his son, Jefri, and his plane crashes near the Sarawak City airport. Searching for answers, the pair of Chinese girls become determined to solve this case and seek the services of Chief Inspector Yin, who is assigned to their case. But Aseem and Yin are more than what they first seem and they soon discover that they have a lot to learn about the mysterious "Serie" which has been plaguing Sarawak for years.

The film starts off with the two Chinese girls following the same routine that most of the movies follow. They wake up one morning while Jefri is absent and they rush to the Sarawak City airport only to find that the Sarawak airport has closed. The next morning, Aseem and Yin get into their cars and head towards Macau, where they plan to investigate the crash using the police force' surveillance vehicles. However, the two are too late and the plane crash happens right in front of them.

Soon after the plane crash, Yin is knocked unconscious by another passenger. However, before she can lose consciousness, Jefri arrives on the scene and performs an emergency knife chop on Yin's throat to prevent her from choking to death. As Yin lies lifeless on the ground, Jefri comes to her rescue only to have his leg taken by Yin and he is soon left for dead. In order to save Aseem, Yin uses her knife to cut a hole in Aseem's ear, distracting him long enough for Jefri to climb up and kill him with a single slash from his gun. Before they can leave, however, Yin notices a mysterious man in a truck delivering medical supplies near the crash site.

Before leaving, Yin contacts Jefri who offers to help her look for her son who disappeared. Yin then plans to escape, but finds herself trapped in the truck and forced to give up her money. Despite this, she decides to wait for the police to arrive so that she can find her son. However, just before she can leave, a cop drives up and stops her. Since she has been in the area for quite some time now, Yin suspects that she is involved in the drug dealing ring that killed her son.

The next day, Yin and Jefri return to the spot where the body was found. The two discover a badly decomposed body with no apparent identity. Yin immediately suspects that it is her son whom she has not seen in so long and so begins to search for clues leading to his killer. Meanwhile, Jefri spots a figure lurking in the bushes and decides to follow him there. Unfortunately, the figure is already there and he is about to be shot when the police show up.

As Yin prepares to fight him off, Jefri trips an old sewer pipe which collapses and injures him badly. An ambulance soon arrives and rushes Yin to a hospital. While Yin is recuperating at the hospital, Jefri sneaks out and gets away. He then returns but not before telling Yin what he knows about her and the involvement of drug running.

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