The Mitchells vs. the Machines
The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

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Saving the world can be a trip. 2021/4/22 110 min.


The Mitchells vs. The Machines: Collection is an online video game that offers a re-telling of the infamous 'bot vs. bot' battle scene in the 1993 film of the same name. The movie itself is a fun time for online gamers to relive the fun of that movie. This online role-playing game follows the adventures of two teenage boys who engage in a never ending battle online against each other.

The movie, which you can play free online, is part of the Sony Classics line of films that are part of the Viacom event that will bring together a wide range of Viacom movies and TV shows for Viacom network subscribers exclusively. The movie revolves around a pair of college classmates who engage in a never ending battle online against each other, using a variety of technological weapons against each other. In order to win, they must use their knowledge of the opposing sides' strategies and any special powers they may have. The film school is the official home of the Botanic Exam, a test given to students who complete a prerequisite assignment on botany.

The movie would not be complete without the voice of Keanu Reeves as Mike Weiss, a botanist who goes into battle alongside his friend, Sarah Michelle Gellar. The writers of the film did a wonderful job of recreating the mood and tone of the animated movie while expanding on some of the story elements. I especially like the way they managed to integrate Reeves' strong acting skills into an animated role. The voice of Sarah Michelle Geller also adds to the appeal of the role.

The other main character, Abbi Kaplan, played by Jennifer Aniston, also gives the animated movie its emotional core. She is the daughter of a wealthy family and is considered a geek at school. The role of Abbi was especially great because it gave the writers the chance to add more romance between the main characters. In the book the mother tries to keep a large group of geek like kids away from the lab where the scientists perform the surgery, but in the movie Jennifer Aniston plays the role of a loving but tired science teacher who tries to give parents an idea about what is going on in the lab.

The movie ends with the death of the evil Overmind, but not before Abbi, working with the resistance team, kills the last remaining robot. The resistance plans to release a virus into the world that will kill all robots with the memory banks of the infected humans. The resistance sends a download signal to the last remaining humans that will activate the kill code, but before they can do so the last of the humans download the kill code into their memory banks. The Resistance then captures the last remaining robots and the movie ends with the two teams fighting off each other. In the book the resistance does not capture any robots but the resistance team that works with the robots to fight against the Overmind sends them to steal the plans for the bots from the Overmind.

The movie ended with the last ray of hope for the humans as they download the kill code into the computers of the humans and then use the computers to fight against the Overmind. As we have seen in the last couple of movies the bots and the humans are on good terms. The movie did end with a big finish, though for the antibot corporations as the last ray of hope for humanity was extracted and the bots were turned into the antibot corporation, deborahbot.

Original title The Mitchells vs. the Machines
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