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First contact has been made. It's war. 2021/3/12 88 min.


In 25 24, a retired General named James Ford is called back into action after a secret alien fleet attacks military troops on a distant planet. When the attack escalated into a full-scale war, President Roosevelt called for an immediate declaration of war. As Ford and his men prepare to fight the enemy, they come under fire from strange machines which are launched from the alien craft. Once again, the fate of humanity rests in Ford's hands. With help from an unexpected source, Ford must rally the ragtag military forces and protect Earth from the invaders.

Cosmic Sin is based on the novel "urations," by Jack Reacher. Directed by Edgar Wright, the film takes the readers deep into the strange and mysterious world of the unknown. Although Wright does try to simplify the complicated mythology of the time, he fails to provide a clear story line due to the complex nature of the plot. The result is an uneven tale of fantasy and intense sci-fi tension that at times borders on confusion.

Despite this, the film maintains a steady pace and follows the story accurately. The visual elements are bold and striking. The use of special effects is imaginative and the sound design is catchy. However, it might be a bit short-changed in its handling of character development.

Despite this, the movie maintains its momentum throughout. Its strong storyline provides a strong climax and ending, while the pace of the story is thrilling from start to finish. The plot twists and turns are unexpected. Occasionally, the movie can be confusing and frustrating, especially for movie novices. But all in all, the movie is an entertaining ride.

Cosmic Sin features an ensemble cast including Forest Whitaker, Michael Chiklis, and James Marsden. This cast has a chemistry that works wonders. Whitaker's role as Jim Crow is extremely convincing. Chiklis plays the role of Mike Weiss, the father of Jessica (Feena Worthington). He is an important character in the film, yet poorly depicted.

Overall, Cosmic Sin is a fun and entertaining film that many viewers will appreciate. It's certainly worth a look. My review of the film can be found below.

A father seeks his long-lost daughter and soon finds himself in the center of a plot that is anything but simple. With a supporting cast that includes a teenage girl with questionable motives and a corporate executive with a deadly secret, the movie provides an interesting mixture of emotions for the viewer. However, the actual story is what holds the audience's attention. For that reason, most viewers will find themselves going to the end credits to see how the ending goes. That added sense of urgency is what makes Cosmic Sin a very intense film.

Despite some good visual sequences and some original musical numbers, the real strength of the movie comes from its storyline. The fighting scenes are extremely graphic and disturbing. Teens even go as far as abusing their girlfriends and family members. Sexual themes are present throughout the movie, yet they are never crude or offensive. Instead, they are subtle and fit into the storyline very well.

Overall, the film is very well done. The acting is realistic and believable. The violence and content may be too intense for some viewers, but this is an area the online DVD service is well adept at covering. Overall, this is an excellent movie that you should definitely add to your movie list.

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