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2021/2/26 102 min.


Crazy About Her is an 21st Century Spanish romantic comedy movie directed by Dani La Orden, adapted from the novelizations of the same name by Juan De Los Rios. It was made by Netflix and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It was screened in over 2 million homes worldwide and earned good dividends for Sony as it achieved over three hundred million dollars. The title Crazy About Her has been derived from two words that describe the character: Crazy About Her Head. A head, indeed, that is!

In this film, three psychoanalysts named Juan, Alejandra and Jose Maria join forces to investigate the mysterious death of a woman who carries a wealth of psychic ability. The investigation leads them to a group of people she'd connect with, which consists mainly of her family, friends and the local priest. Together they learn that the real perpetrator of the crime is someone with an unusual power called the Yellow Parasite.

Crazy About Her has been widely praised for the powerful acting performances by Alba and Vera Garza, the two best known Spanish actresses. The supporting cast also includes Didier greetings Castillo, Diego Luna, Yaya San Juan, Miguel Angel Rubio, Rosa Salazar, Daniel Trullo and others. Alba's performance in particular is widely appreciated, for she displays a subtle yet commanding performance that helps make Crazy About Her one of the most romantic Spanish movies ever made. Teaming up with newcomers Yaya San Juan, Miguel Angel and Diego Luna, the star of the film, this group creates an unlikely trio that have the combined strength and charisma to carry the story to the very end.

With a mixture of live action and animation, the story begins in the quiet city of Madrid. An ancient statute requiring citizens to bathe only in milk and water is waived, so women are free to bathe in the sea or simply go swimming in any public area. Ignorance of this new law spreads like wildfire, so as the film goes on, we learn more about the characters, their motives, back story, emotions and relationships. All this is beautifully depicted using traditional animations, music and voice over. Adding to the effect is the beautiful portrayal of Madrid, the beautiful churches and cathedrals, the grand buildings all lined up in neat rows, and the Spanish countryside.

The theme of Love is central to Crazy About Her. Ignorance of the law drives many of the misunderstandings that mar the story. Some of the situations are unbelievable and some unbelievable are what make the movie even more intense. Ignorance of love leads to Love breaking up many marriages and the search for true love and understanding. Crazy About Her also features the romantic relationship between Ignorance and the beautiful Diego Luna, played by Alba.

Crazy About Her can be viewed online via online video or downloaded from many websites. It has received widespread critical acclaim from critics and audiences both foreign and at home. Many movie lovers who have seen the movie loved it. There is no doubt that a movie is supposed to entertain but if it is as hilarious and heartwarming as Crazy About Her then it will be a definite winner.

Original title Loco por ella
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