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2021/5/6 97 min.


Crazy Fist is a highly anticipated Korean martial arts movie directed by Korea's Kim Tae-hyun. The film is based on the long-running Chinese web comic series called the Crazy Fist. The story begins five years after the events of the hit television series Kung Fu Panda. A once retired professional mixed martial arts champion suddenly returns for one final challenge to uncover a secret conspiracy.

The movie is a high level action film with lots of fight scenes, intense martial arts fighting and much comedy. It is definitely action for those who like it and martial arts for people who enjoy comedy but aren't necessarily hardcore action fans. The story is based on the life of the late Kim Tae-hyun who is a well known fan of Korean movies. The late Kim Tae-hyun was well known as an expert in Japanese Karate and Chinese stick figure kung fu movies. This led to his being made into a movie where he played the very popular martial artist GI Joe.

The story line is that a Chinese national named Shen Po enters the United States on a visa and becomes a champion MMA fighter. He training for his death match with a Chinese wrestler and when his visa expires, he attempts suicide by hanging himself in a belt at a weigh center. The belt he hangs on is called the Crazy Fist belt which has been used and modified since its creation. When he attempts suicide again, a Tong-fu specialist named Yul again saves him and the two become good friends.

Two years later, while on a cross country bus trip, Yul gets a call from Shen Po and is told about a city called Seoul. Yul goes there to train and see the great fight between Chun-li and Yul's friend, Bong Sik. They battle it out for about an hour before Yul gets knocked out cold. He recovers and tells Bong that he will give up the tournament if the Chinese grant him permission to enter the city. So on the night of September 14th, he arrives at the Chinese Martial Arts stadium and competes in the first ever mixed martial art tournament and wins by knockout.

Crazy Fist is the first full length movie to come out from the Korean company, Ponics. It was produced by Park Suh Yeon and Joonhee Lee who were fresh out of producing their horror film, Poked Off. However, Lee passed the film over to Kim Tae Hee and she worked from it for the entirety of its running time. The movie has received positive criticism from critics across the world for its unique style and story line.

The movie is not for the squeamish or the stomach. It has a very intense and fast paced fight scenes combined with fantastic martial arts and martial artist moves. The movie has a strong plot and plenty of it's own entertainment but also manages to stay true to it's source material. I would definitely recommend Crazy Fist to any MMA fans and also the viewers who enjoy a good old fashioned wrestling match. If you are looking for a little taste of what top level fighters do to compete then look no further than the brilliant Kung Fu movie Crazy Fist.

Original title 疯狂的拳头
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