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It's not a dream, it's not reality. 2021/7/29 104 min.


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Demonic is a movie about two teenage girls who get inexplicably teleported to an alternate dimension. There they have to fight hordes of demons along with hordes of gruesome creatures, along with a big bad boss. What makes Demonic interesting is that the lead role goes to 16 year old actress Anya Hindmarch who has the look and feel of a young Yaya Jackson in the live-action version of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, if we have to point out the film's major strength, it has got to be the visual effects which are simply fantastic.

Demonic is yet another short films that is meant to be released theatrically one day. Therefore, if you happen to like short films, then you should definitely try to watch Demonic online full movie on DVD for the next time you have the chance. The movie has got excellent special effects, and the fighting scenes are real masterful. The music and voice-overs are extremely well done and match the intense content of the actual movie.

Demonic is directed by Demonic Online creator Kim Carvey and written by Kim Dickens. The name of the movie stems from the novel " demonic possession: Breakthroughs from the Dark". According to the novel, a young woman named Alexa witnesses an unidentified assailant force her to have sex with him in order to get a demon seedling implanted in her vagina. From there, she is forced to perform sexual acts with five other strange men who also end up getting a demon seedling inserted into their vaginas. When Alexa realizes that her husband has died in a car crash, she flees to New York in order to find help for her only son.

While on her way, she encounters a group of teenage hitchhikers and an older lady who both turn her in the wrong direction, forcing her to become a part of the devil's plans. With help from a local television news anchorwoman, Alexa begins to uncover details about her past and the demonic possession that has caused her to fall under the spell of the possession. In the course of the movie, Alexa comes across different scents and images, including a pregnant woman being murdered in a car crash, a man being attacked by wraith creatures, a vampire being attacked by Vampires, a woman's purse being stolen by an angry mob, and a group of children being assaulted at a beach. When it is revealed that one of the men from the previous incident has a connection with the satanic cult, Alexa realizes that she needs to contact the authorities and help them solve this case before more damage is done.

Although The Demonic prequels to the events of the movie sequel "The Satanist" (also written by Kim Dickens), I believe the movie was actually more interesting for its excellent screenplay and breathtaking visual images. Regardless if you like the previous movie or not, you should check out The Demonic online right now so you can see for yourself! The movie has an original plot that isn't related to anything else and the story is extremely suspenseful and even edgy at times. This is the perfect kind of film that you can watch online. If you want to make sure that you are watching a quality film when it comes to a spiritual subject then I highly recommend that you check out The Demonic.

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