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To win something, will you lose everything? 2021/11/19 104 min.


Dhamaka serves provincial Indian fare in an innovative dining room. The staff is friendly and the cuisine is wholesome. The interior is colourful and the staff is attentive. The food is a delight. Dhamaka is a popular spot for people who enjoy a good meal with family and friends. The menu changes frequently to reflect what's in season, so it is a good place to plan a special dinner date. This restaurant is also dog-friendly.

While this isn't the best film on the planet, Dhamaka is a fun thriller that works despite its flaws. The cast and direction make the movie engaging, and the script keeps things interesting. The movie begins slowly and builds up tension throughout. It never lets up, but it does leave its audience feeling bored. Dhamaka is a quick, enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes. The plot is compelling, and the action ramps up in the second half.

The film's consistent tone is an asset. While the film isn't entirely original, it remains more interesting than most thrillers. The script is smart and the actors are well-suited to their roles. The acting is a highlight of the movie, and it keeps the attention of viewers. While the story isn't original, Dhamaka isn't without its share of twists and turns. Its pacing, simplicity, and quality make it a worthwhile watch.

A bomb lands in the middle of the film. A former television journalist, Pathak, answers the phone and gets a threatening call. He blows off the call as a prank, but his shock turns into horror when the local bridge is blown up. The resulting explosion causes the whole city to be terrified. The film's main character, a media personality, puts his life on the line to cover the story, but Dhamaka is determined to stop the terrorist and save his wife from certain death.

'Dhamaka' is a Korean remake of the film 'The Terror Live'. The movie explores the conflict between the profiteering television network and ordinary citizens. When a bomb explodes on a major bridge in Seoul, it is difficult for the journalist to resist blackmailing a political bigwig, and his wife is a hostage. The movie's success is due to its intense focus on a conflict between the media and the victims of the bomb.

Dhamaka's writing is weak, but its direction is exceptional. The tension builds fast, and is sustained for most of the film. However, the characters are thinly written and are often unlikable. The film's central theme - a man who is obsessed with numbers - is not enough to justify the movie's shortcomings. Dhamaka is a bleak and uncomplicated thriller that is worth seeing.

Original title धमाका
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