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2021/4/27 118 min.


Dynasty Warriors: The Conqueror is the second part in the Dynasty Warriors game series. It picks up immediately where the first part left off, so it's easy to compare them and see how they compare to the rest of the Dynasty Warriors games. This is my Dynasty Warriors review for you to enjoy!

This part of the Dynasty Warriors series picks up right where the first part ended. Yes, that's quite a jump of two films, but I feel like it should be done to help the players understand exactly what's going on with the story so far and also give them a better idea as to how they interact throughout the film. This is why I'm giving an overall rating for this film. It's a lot of fun to play Dynasty Warriors Online, but this part of the game is a little bit too much for my tastes. I'll save it for another time to give it a rating, as this particular movie is a definite must-watch if you've been playing Dynasty Warriors Online for any length of time.

Like the first part of the Dynasty Warriors movie, this movie is quite enjoyable as well. The animation doesn't look all that great, and there are moments where it looks like the characters are moving in slow-mo, but other than that, the live-action part is quite entertaining. The story itself isn't too complex, but I really liked it. I'm not a big story guy, but even I found this part of Dynasty Warriors: The Conqueror interesting enough to keep watching. If you have never played Dynasty Warriors, then you definitely need to check this movie out.

This is the second part in the Dynasty Warriors game series, and it's definitely worth the money spent to download the game. I won't go into details about the story here, as the movie itself is quite long. I will, however, tell you that the fighting within the game itself was quite thrilling. If you like Dynasty Warriors games, then you'll love this movie live-action movie version. You can actually save the movie at certain times to watch it later when your connection is slow, and it's a nice little bonus.

Dynasty Warriors: The Conqueror is also the third part in the video game series. It focuses on the period after the first game was released, which sees the return of some old characters (some you meet, some never before seen again), and introduces new ones. If you enjoyed the first part, then you're sure to love this one.

In conclusion, Dynasty Warriors: The Conqueror is a damn good game. If you had only a couple of days to spare, it would be well worth it to download and play Dynasty Warriors: The Conqueror, because it will make your days a lot shorter. If you're a Dynasty Warriors fan, then this game is definitely something you should definitely get. I am not the best at reviews, but this game definitely gets my highest rating out of all Dynasty Warriors videos so far.

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