An Egg Rescue
An Egg Rescue (2021)

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2021/8/12 88 min.


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"Eggs" stars Jake Hurst as David Hasselhoff, a veterinarian and dog lover living with his grandmother and older sister. David's love of dogs is so strong that he wants to take up competition in dog races, even though he is told that he will not be able to compete properly. As he struggles with his love of dogs, his grandmother pushes him to go on TV and see how good it is to be on TV. His first television show is called "Eggs" and he ends up becoming a celebrity quickly.

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The story of the unlikely heroine named Eggs Run is part of the popular All-Color Prime-Time television series premiering tonight at 9PM on FOX. Created by Greg Garcia, All-Color Prime Time is based on the true story of six-year old Andy Eggleton, who was arrested as a toddler for trespassing and spending much of his day asleep in an egg crate in an unlocked garage. After serving several months in juvenile detention, he was finally released after serving time in a reformatory.

Now he's out on his own, seeking to reclaim his lost innocence. Along the way, he falls in love, runs into trouble with local authorities, becomes a friend to the family dog, meets a whole host of colorful characters and gets the opportunity to work side by side with super-fast rising star tracker Desiree Dupree, played by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Find out where you can watch FREE full movie stream online right now as the countdown to the release of All-Color Prime Time continues! Don't miss your chance to see the newest thriller before it's available on FOX tonight!

Original title Un rescate de huevitos
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