Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)

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Winning was just the beginning. 2021/7/1 88 min.


Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy is a very exciting online flash game based on the classic Chinese puzzle escape room game. Take command of your own personal rescue mission and conquer the game's different rooms to solve puzzles and escape before time runs out. Your quest will be further boosted by an array of interesting mini-games, making each session more challenging. The ultimate aim is to return to the main room and successfully complete all the puzzles and tasks before time runs out.

Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy is a multiplayer online flash game that supports up to four players. Four players can take on the roles of any of the game's characters - a spy, a princess, a thief, and an animal trainer. To gain entrance into the Escape Room, one must first clear a series of hurdles that stand between them and the goal. These obstacles are a combination of scenery, puzzles, and puzzles - with one or more of each playing a vital role in how well your mission goes. You may run into a few hidden obstacles as well, which will help you progress through the levels faster.

As a puzzle game, Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy features a variety of chambers where you can attempt to solve the puzzle and escape. Each room is designed differently, with different characteristics influencing how well you will be able to solve the puzzle. Each level is also designed in a unique way, with special items and backgrounds influencing how well the room will work for you. For example, puzzle rooms that are made of a jumbled pattern will not always give you the best solution for each room. Different rooms will also have different layouts, requiring you to use your wits to find the right ones.

The game features various categories, from easy to difficult. You will start off in a room that will gradually become more tricky as you proceed. You can switch to harder rooms as you progress, and there are some that are entirely impossible, requiring you to employ a lot of guesswork in order to complete. Some of these rooms feature only one way to complete them, while others can be very difficult and requires you to figure out a few things about the room in order to get to the finish.

Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy is not just another brain teaser. It is a fully-interactive game that uses clever clues and strategic thinking skills to solve puzzles and finish games. Its theme is inspired by mystery films such as James Bond, as well as the works of detective Sesame Street's Big Bird and Scrooge. Some of the game's features include:

Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy is scheduled to be released on Xbox Live Arcade sometime in 2021. You can play it for free right now, but if you like what you see, then you can purchase the game later at a reduced price. It is a highly addictive game that will challenge even the most intelligent player. Don't miss out! It's free!

Original title Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
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