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Fear of Rain (2021)

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Some voices you can't outrun. 2021/2/12 109 min.


In Rain, M.I. Jones creates an interesting character. Rain has early-onset bipolar disorder, which not only makes her see vivid visions, but puts a strain on her already stressed family. When she eventually meets up with Caleb, an awkward new boy at school, she feels she has a lifeline toward normalcy, only to soon find out that he too is a victim of the same overwhelming forces that cause her misery. While she struggles to deal with the death of her unborn son, she finds herself haunted by the secret admirer from her past, who has followed her formative years all the way through to college and now lives with his own family.

This film is a fast-paced drama that deals with a lot of moving parts without a lot of time for dialogue. It's filled with dark secrets and intrigue, even as it includes some light humor here and there. The performances are generally good throughout the movie, but the movie relies more on its sound design than on its plot, which at times it can be too confusing to understand.

Annoying about the storyline beforehand helped me immensely as it kept me guessing. I didn't quite understand why the rain came to pick on everyone's home, for instance. At one point, it seemed like they had locked the doors between rooms in their home to keep the rain out, but then it turned out they hadn't. Then, when the storm hit, it totally caught everyone off guard. Some of the emotions felt real and genuine, although they may seem superficial due to the story line.

I especially found the use of the journal provided by the main character, Jasmine, very engaging and intriguing. Initially we aren't sure who she is, and we are introduced to her in the second half of the movie when she starts telling her story to a therapist. The way the story is told in the journal adds a human element to what could otherwise have been a mechanized and very clinical movie. This helps to make the movie more human in my opinion. In addition, the way Jasmine is portrayed and the way she relates to the people around her, adds a human quality to what otherwise would have been a robot movie.

Another thing that stood out to me was the excellent use of symbolism in this movie. Symbolism was used in abundance throughout the movie, and while it sometimes felt a bit clumsy at times, it definitely added to the overall experience. There were a number of moments where I simply wanted to look up something in the dictionary and say "what?" The symbolism was subtle but extremely effective.

Overall, Fear of Rain is a highly entertaining film. It contains some good action sequences, some good acting performances, and it has an interesting story. It's definitely not for everyone, but it is worth seeing if you happen to like movies about rain. Film rating: 5 stars.

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