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Face the evil. 2021/6/28 107 min.


The first film of the three part Fear Street series, Fear Street is based on the true story of three young women who were picked on in a small town in Pennsylvania while they were going about their daily routines. The three girls were Phoebe Prince, nineteen; Libby Loudoun, sixteen; and thirteen-year-old Cara Delevingne. These three young women's mother, an alcoholic named Beth, had them babysit her children while she went to a bachelorette party. The three young girls became very good at caring for the young woman's children, and she felt better knowing that she had kept them safe while she was having a good time. Then, one night, Phoebe and Libby snuck out of the house and started terrorizing the townsfolk.

The movie Fear Street was filmed in four and a half days in New York City. Although the cast has stars such as Camryn Manheim, Kate Beckinsale, and Teri Hatcher, it is director Jennifer Baichler who makes this movie really special. Her vision is colored by horror writer Marilyn Miglin, who is the person who actually wrote the novel on which the movie is based on. Fear Street is the first part of the Witch's Cataclysm trilogy and will make readers jump out of their seats with its intense atmosphere and fast-moving action sequences.

The novel begins with fifteen-year-old Janice; after her parents die in a car crash, Janice moves into the woods with her grandmother and younger sister, Kip (Diablo). In order to protect them, they hide behind a tree and spend the next several days slowly dying. When their dead grandparents are discovered, however, they are pursued by the serial killer known as Jacob, who claims to be working with the department of justice. This man, along with his two teenage helpers, slowly take over the shady side and kill everyone that comes within range of their path.

Fear Street: Part One is not just your typical horror movie; it isn't the typical urban fantasy either. It takes you into the idyllic woods, where the normal everyday people go to die. Once inside the woods, things become very strange and the viewer is quickly left confused as to what is going on, and how the whole situation came to be so unexpected. The mask worn by the masked killer was originally designed by photographer Janus Berenson, and is something that is looked upon fondly by both the audience and the actors.

The second part of Fear Street: Part One, The Salem Song, follows the characters as they continue to learn more about the man behind the mask, and as the entire town begins to fall victim to cannibals and necromancers. While the first part of the movie is slow and eerie, the second has much more tension as the town slowly falls to the thrall of the evil maniac. The song is not a love song, but instead contains a dark and ominous tone that is perfect for Halloween. Fear Street: Part One is well worth the time spent watching the movie; in fact, I would highly recommend watching the second half of the movie before watching the first, especially if you enjoy the horror genre.

Fear Street: Part One: 1994 is not a movie that is completely appropriate for children; however, it is a great movie for all ages. It contains some strong language and some of the most frightening ghosts I have ever seen in a movie. It is definitely horror for horror's sake, but it also has a little humor and romance mixed into it that makes watching the movie a fun family event. I would definitely recommend giving the film a try; the trailers look amazing! Make sure to add Fear Street: Part One: 1994 to your list of favorites this Halloween.

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