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2021/5/14 106 min.


In the movie "F Ferry," directed by Rob Reiner, Ferry is a tough man who owns his own ferry company and makes his living operating it. When his wife cheats on him, he takes revenge by putting her in jail and making her live in an isolated area of town. But when his son is killed in a motorcycle accident, Ferry goes into a rage and exacts his violent means on anyone who gets close to him--including an unscrupulous delivery boy. While this may seem like the movie is only setting out to be revenge-driven, it turns out that Ferry has a much better reason for his anger: He wants to help his son achieve his dream of owning the ferry company. He puts his personal feelings aside to do what is right for the family and finds himself falling in love with a woman who shares his passion for transportation.

There are two kinds of people who watch movies: People who hate them and people who love them. For those of you who are stuck for something to watch on television or stream on Netflix, "F Ferry" is a great pick. I'm not going to give away the ending, but if you've seen the first two episodes, then you know what will happen. It's smart, thrilling stuff. Available now on Netflix, for anyone in the mood for a good cop/bad cop story about transportation, this series is definitely worth a watch.

One other thing about "F Ferry" that I enjoyed was the supporting cast. Yes, there's Tom Selleck as the clueless, but lovable resident evil bad guy. Another standout character is Christina Applegate, who plays a smart-but-not-bright cop. As a former FBI agent, she takes on the role of mentor to the newbie rookie cop, Frank Petracci, played by Greg Garcia. Both of them get to save the day in the end, but it's unclear whether they were prepared for the unexpected.

There's no doubt that "F Ferry" is going to be available for streaming on Netflix film later this year. I've heard good things about it, so I expect it'll do well, at least in the ratings. I can't wait to see where Matt Damon goes next. He's always had an eye for the story behind famous people, whether they're criminals or not. Hopefully, he'll continue to make high quality movies, and if "F Ferry" meets the standards of the critics, then he's got a hit on his hands.

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