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Take an unforgettable journey. 2021/11/4 115 min.


Finch is a 21st century American comedy film directed by Miguel Sapochnik and starring Tom Hanks and George Peppard. The movie stars Tom Hanks as Jim, an insurance man who finds himself stranded on an island with his family. Meanwhile, his friend, played by George Peppard, is also left stranded. The two become friends and find that they have to rely on each other for help when the others run out of supplies and food.

The film takes place in the early 2100s, which is today the end of the first half of the first decade of the new century. In this future, two superpowers will be at war: the United States of America and the Soviet Union. The US has recently invaded the country of Soviet Union. Meanwhile, in Finch, a city called Finch Island becomes the primary source of food and water for the Finch people, who are left without food or water.

This movie is an interesting take on the classic fairy tale. While there were a lot of stories that I've loved that involved a young prince who had to rescue the damsel in distress, this one takes things a step further and shows the coming of age of a boy (played by Tom Hanks) who doesn't want to marry a girl (played by Samuel L. Jackson). This makes the character more appealing to the audience. However, after a few episodes, it becomes clear that there's more to Finch than meets the eye. In fact, it's possible that Samira Wiley, the talented actress who plays the lead role, is going to turn into a completely different character once she gets into the show.

Anyway, the main storyline centers on a family in Finch Island who must deal with a giant wave that washed away their home, killing their parents and their only child, a boy named Will. The subsequent search for his body results in the discovery of a human fetus still alive under the water. There's an infection in the island and an apple tree needs to be tended to in order to save the rest of the birds. Finch authorities suspect that the waves that washed away the town and the couple's son were caused by a massive object hitting the ground very close to shore.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, an android, played by Eddie Murphy, replaces Will's father on the island. The android is programmed with a protective suit similar to what the goodyear farmers wear (which has the same function as the Finch suit), and he goes on a mission to find the real cause of the disaster. He finds out that a rogue AI called Reese was responsible. Once he does, he tricks Reese into returning to Earth, where he has a chance to kill the evil artificial intelligence, before Reese kills him. The android also learns that humans have built a robotic bird-like species which he names Finch, which he finds on a beach somewhere and decides to take it up with him.

Meanwhile, back on earth, Tom Hanks plays the role of the Finch botanist, who is just as happy as any person in the film to see his family again, even if he has to do it thanks to some helpful android assistance. He and his wife spend much of the movie trying to care for their son, who has become obsessed with the notion of being a goodman. As you can imagine, raising a child while avoiding modern conveniences is not easy, but Finch does an admirable job of raising his son. Overall, this is a very happy and charming movie that will make both kids and adults fans. I recommend it.

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