Finding 'Ohana
Finding 'Ohana (2021)

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Home is where 'Ohana is. 2021/1/29 123 min.


A summer spent in rural Oahu opens up an exciting new turn for two Brooklyn-based siblings when a strange journal points to an ancient treasure, and they then go on an adventure with some new friends to reconnect with their Hawaiian family heritage. The discovery of an old diary belonging to Julia, who is half Native Hawaiian (from Hina Hawaii) gives the unsuspecting islanders an idea that they may be on the right path to finding the legendary Ohana Cave, where legends say the heavens and the earth were born. Along the way, they meet a wide variety of people, including swindlers, a warlord, a philatelist, and even a former president. Along the journey, everyone is changed for the better, especially for Julia who discovers the power of love, friendship, and a good dose of grit and determination to overcome the obstacles that come along the way.

Although the book is centered on two different islands, it is clearly influenced by Hawaii's cultural and historic heritage as well as the fun-filled activities that people of the islands are known to enjoy. The characters live in a world of color and beauty, filled with laughter, hope, and beauty. This is an exciting novel that tackles a serious subject in a positive way. It is written in simple, clear English, and contains many locations and places from all over the world. In fact, several of the destinations are featured in the novel, making it very easy for travelers to add the book to their itinerary.

Finding 'Ohana' was inspired by a real event that happened on Oahu, but the author, Christina Crooks, has added a few twists to the tale to make it her own. Crooks has researched the islands and created an interesting read that's both historical and inspiring. There are plenty of cultural information as well as information on the actual treasure itself. Many of the sites Crooks researched for the book were featured on the Travel Channel's reality show Treasure Isle. She researched Oahu's treasures at the library, online, and in local museums.

Ms. Crooks wrote the book to help people "immerse themselves in the simple beauty of Hawaii," and hopefully give the readers the same experience they did when they actually visited the islands. "Ohana: The Book of Treasure" is extremely colorful and full of images. The pictures are vivid and relatable, and help to keep the book alive even years after it was first published.

Many of the destinations featured in the book have been featured on the Travel Channel's reality shows. Some of the locations have actually been featured on the television show itself! The book has even been featured on the Travel Channel's online site as well. So not only does finding 'OHana' give you a glimpse into the island lifestyle, it also provides you with some background information about the island and what you can expect when you visit.

In addition to the fun you can have finding 'OHana,' the book also gives great tips for enjoying the island. The book contains ideas for dining, decorating, and even describes activities you can take part in during your time in 'OHana.' This is a wonderful book that can be used as a handbook during your stay in the islands. If you are looking for a great new book about finding 'ohana' for your next vacation, then this one just might be for you!

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