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Life's too short to be a background character. 2021/8/11 115 min.


"Free Guy" is a hilarious comedy film that stars Dabney Coleman. Dabney Coleman, better known to audiences as "That Guy", is an oddball Internet blogger who lives in San Francisco, California. He runs an online dating service called "The Online Buff," where he and other members have sex videos they post to their websites. The catch is that the members of "The Online Buff" are required to do nothing but view the videos other men have sent them. It's like "Hooked on You!"

The premise of the free guy video is that he is forced by his boss (played by Mike Epps) to help clean up the online dating service. Naturally, the online buff is not happy with this arrangement, so he starts his own website to offer his own brand of dating services. However, it becomes quickly clear that free guy is just being online for the sake of using the site to make some quick Internet cash, so he decides to strike out on his own.

The only problem is that he has no idea how to actually use the site to make any money. He soon realizes that it will take him about one year to build up enough of a client list that he can start advertising to them. This is when he gets the bright idea that he should post some free videos on his site to drum up business.

To do this, he contacts an online writer, named Peter. Peter then writes a number of articles that discuss various self-help ebooks. After posting one of his articles to the site, Dabney contacts Peter and offers to sell him some of his writing. The two soon hit it off and become roommates.

In addition to writing articles, Peter is also an actor, so Dabney can act out his thoughts in the video that he posts. Eventually, Dabney lands a small role in the movie "E.T." His Internet alter ego is Eric Northman, and his best friend is Todd, who happen to be a police officer. When Todd ends up captured by kidnappers, Dabney goes into action and rescues his friend.

Though the plot of the movie may seem silly and the acting a little ridiculous, the storyline is very real and is very funny. It's well worth seeing just for the funny scenes. The Internet is certainly a big place to find free movie clips of this type, so you can check them out. It's a very entertaining movie that I would go see with my friends.

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