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2021/5/26 117 min.


A silly and slapdash Netflix Original movie from Thailand, Pawan Puri s Ghost Lab is not expected to be a blockbuster even though it can easily be found to be a cult watch among many online viewers. But if you have been hooked on this movie through the many streams available through online movie sites, it would be a great idea to get it onto a DVD so that you can enjoy it on the big screen once again. Here's why.

The movie begins with the story of a middle-aged, retired medical researcher, Dr. Thay, who suddenly gets a visit from a man who identifies himself as the Ghost Lab. The Ghost Lab is a top secret lab where former scientists and researchers disappear and resurface every few months, each appearing after some kind of paranormal activity has occurred. This time, two former researchers who disappeared while examining a mysterious plague that seems to be responsible for killing off most of the town's citizens have resurfaced, and they are determined to solve the puzzle before anything happens to the town.

The movie follows the adventures of the two men as they try to figure out why and how the ghosts appear. They discover that they aren't the first people to have unexplained disappearances, and while trying to investigate further, they discover a third man who is connected to the ghost lab. The third man turns out to be Dr. Harry Price, who was a famous physician back in the day. It turns out that Price didn't disappear after all, and he is determined to help the others investigate the ghosts and their paranormal activity. Along the way, the ghost lab workers try to unravel the mystery behind the ghosts by themselves, and Price is forced to use his extreme mental abilities to solve the crime. The movie then becomes a thrilling mystery story told through the medium of a movie.

This week's featured show on the Ghost Lab TV show is "Psychic Kids: Children of the Night." This weekly American paranormal television series follows four high school children who happen to stumble upon an ancient cabin buried in the woods. Inside, they discover a dark secret that is slowly taking shape, and while investigating, they learn that their uncle, a famous psychic, is hiding something very sinister from them. When the boys discover the skull and the lace pattern engraved inside, they are able to use this powerful device to unlock the skull's secret, and the mystery of the Ghost Lab begins to unravel.

"Psychic Kids: Children of the Night" is a fantastic addition to the long list of excellent episodes that make up the Ghost Lab franchise. Although it only makes up one third of the entire series, it makes up for it with pure excitement and entertainment value. If you're looking for a good Halloween program this year, this one is worth the time and effort. The Ghost Lab episodes also follow a long tradition of great ghost stories and suspense, making them some of the best that have ever been shown on American television.

This movie is directed by David Fincher, who is also responsible for the scariest movie of 2021, "I am Legend." Although "Psychic Kids: Children of the Night" isn't quite as terrifying as the movie "I Am Legend," which is probably why many people thought this movie wouldn't be nearly as scary as the studio wanted it to be. If you like your horror movies a little bit darker, this is a great option that will satisfy your desire. As I said before, if you enjoy watching the movie "I Am Legend," this is definitely an option you should consider.

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