Girl in the Basement
Girl in the Basement (2021)

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2021/2/27 90 min.


This movie stars Felicity Jones as the title character, a young girl in the Basement who finds herself in a whole new world. The movie begins in the small town of Mantegna, New Jersey, where Sara (Emma Stone) longs to go away on her birthday. But instead she is taken away to a house in New York City known as the Basement. Here, Sara has an experience that will change her life forever.

In this movie the name of the movie'Girl in the Basement' is based on a true story of a young girl called Sara, who found herself locked in the basement of her own home. The horrific story of Sara, an expressive young girl who wanted to go away on her birthday so that she could move on with her friends from the neighborhood, becomes very dark when her abusive father locked her up in the basement. It takes a great deal of convincing from the viewer to see Sara get out of the basement and to return home to her family. Her escape is only possible because one of her best friends, Jacob (Efren Ramirez) comes along at the last moment to rescue her. Together, they begin an adventure that leads them through dark alleys and towards the light.

The Girl in the Basement is based on a true story, but it is also heavily based on the teenage experience. In most movies where young people are the main characters, the teenager is always seen as the Protagonist. In Girl in the Basement, the young girl's father is the antagonist. This allows the viewer to sympathize for the father who is, after all, just trying to provide a better life for his daughter.

This movie follows the daughter's quest to find her own place of refuge while exploring her feelings for her father as well as her own emotions regarding her sexual identity. Her quest to find her real estate agent also ties into her efforts to transition into being gay. The storyline is told through journals written by her mother as she searches for the right person to marry her. The sexual aspects of this transition are played up for titillation, but they are not explicit in any way and are presented in a tasteful manner. The sexual tension is implied but never acted upon.

Throughout the movie, the viewer learns more about the Basement and the town of Urquhart. The setting is based on the fictitious town of Urquhart, Maine and the story takes place entirely in that town. One of the many scenes in the film has is the visit that Sara makes to her future mother-in-law's home following the discovery of her daughter's "dirt" from the basement. The discovery leads to a night of fighting in which Sara is severely beaten and, though she is saved by her mother, she remains suspicious of her mother's motives.

The movie ends with the discovery that Sara's writings about her feelings for her deceased father provide her with the understanding she needs to make the changes she needs to make in order to move forward with her life and with regard to her sexual identity. The movie has a message that can be shared by its viewers: if you are dealing with a past issue that you may have buried, you need to learn to trust your own feelings. The Girl in the Basement is not only a coming of age story about the process of growing up, but it is also a cautionary tale about how mere innocence can be consumed by allowing sexual feelings to rule our actions. When you take too much time having sex before marriage that relationship becomes a burden. The Girl in the Basement provides the viewer with a glimpse of what could happen if we allow our sexual feelings to override our feelings for a spouse or partner.

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