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Evil dies tonight. 2021/10/14 105 min.


Halloween Kills is definitely one of this year's most awaited movies, especially for this spooky season. And just like all other movies this year, The movie is using a new release technique through which to greatly maximize potential audience reach. Unlike many movies that have their trailers and only released a few days before wide release, Halloween Kills has been available on various online video websites since early August. That said, it still can be considered a film that is "just getting started" and many people are simply unaware that it is even coming out until the week before Halloween itself.

If you were wondering why they waited so long to make this movie available online, it may be because they simply did not want anyone to miss out on it. For years, independent studios have been releasing independent films that have only received a small amount of theatrical distribution. With a limited amount of theaters around at this time, you would not expect many major studio films to come out during this time frame. When independent films get an early release date, they often gain momentum before the official release date and become instant hits.

There have also been speculations that the October premiere of Halloween Kills will be " teased," which is the standard industry practice where a film is occasionally shown in some form or fashion prior to its official release date. If this is the case, then audiences should keep their fingers crossed for a reveal of what the trailer teased will be like. In any event, it will certainly give us something to look forward to when the full-length trailer is made available to the public.

What is interesting about the trailer revealed at the website is that it reveals that the movie takes place on the grounds that the newly renovated Alton Towers will be hosting a spook festival that includes "a host of spectacular scariest attractions." Many fans of Robert Englund's The Connecticut Colony and his Harry Potter series would certainly be thrilled at this bit of news, especially considering that both movies have become must-see events during this year's Halloween season. The dates for these spectacular events have not yet been disclosed, but thegeist events at the former Alton Towers were revealed to take place on September 18 and 19, while the Connecticut colony's haunted house will take place on October 31st. If the dates are consistent with previous haunted house productions (as they often are), then we could very well see some new take on the traditional haunted house experience when the full-length Halloween Killers movie rolls around later this year.

Speaking of movies, another bit of news surrounding the Halloween Kills franchise that was recently revealed online is that there will be a TV series starring Keanu Reeves. For those who don't know, Keanu is one of my favorite Hollywood actors. I had no idea he was attached to the Halloween Kills franchise, but after I saw the first teaser for the series, I can definitely say that I am a fan! While it will most likely air sometime in 2021, we can't get too excited about the prospect, as it remains unconfirmed as of now.

One more new bit of Halloween news that wasn't mentioned in our last update was that actor Michael Chiklis will be playing the role of John Carpenter in the film. We already knew that Michael Kates didn't have a role in the new Halloween Killers movie, so this news is very welcome. Also, if you're from the New York area, make sure to head over to Coney Island to attend the world premiere of Halloween Kills on September 18th. This outdoor premiere is not open to the general public, but tickets will be available for purchase at the event. For those who want to experience the thrill of being at the top-level Halloween attraction right in Times Square, make sure to head down to the spot before the event and score your free ticket!

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