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While it was a huge hit the first time around, Monster Family 2 is a resounding flop. Despite the funny characters, it's a time-sucker that is utterly incoherent and dull. However, that doesn't mean that Monsters can't be cute and fun. It's just not the right movie to make your kids laugh. Read on to find out what you should look for in this sequel.

The Monster Family is a spooky comedy-drama about a family of monsters who live together in a middle-class house. The children of the Wishbone family are transformed into Frankenstein's Monster, Vampire, and Werewolf. They travel around New York City with their pet bats and learn that nobody's perfect. While the first film was a hit, Monsters, Inc. is definitely a better movie.

The first movie ended with a happy ending. Fortunately, the Wishbone Family has their problems as well. Son Max is the shortest, bespectacled kid in his eighth grade class. Girls in his class are all at least a head taller. And daughter Fay feels like all her friends are talented and have a perfect body. The Wishbone family isn't perfect, but they're trying their best to make up for it.

The second movie in the franchise is just as bad. It has all the same issues as the first movie. Unfortunately, the characters are unappealing and the voice performances are not very good. While there are a few strong moments, the storyline doesn't hold up. The storyline isn't very complex, but it's certainly not hard to follow. Count Dracula (Jason Isaacs) is a grumpy monster who married a human princess. The two monsters become lovers and he ends up freezing the Count into an icicle-like cage.

While Monster Family 2 are not the most memorable films, they're still fun to watch. They're good for kids, but if you're an adult with a critical mind, don't bother with Monsters and Happy Families. If you're a parent and want to see this film with your kids, don't worry about the movie's lack of originality. You won't miss a thing.

The Monster Family movies are entertaining and hilarious. The first is a classic that everyone can enjoy. It features the supercool Starr family. The monsters are all-white and middle-class. The movie is a lot of fun to watch and has a lot of action. It is a great time-sucker and will make you laugh. If you love silly movies, this is a must-see. You'll want to see Monsters for kids!

In Monster Family 2, the Wishbone family is a happy family. They're struggling to raise their children, Max and Fay are struggling to grow up. Mom and Dad have their own challenges to deal with as parents. They're also battling a monster hunter who wants to capture spooky creatures. The Wishbones need to become monsters to protect their friends. The monsters include a Vampire, a Mummy, and a Frankenstein.

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