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2021/5/14 107 min.


"I Am All Girls" is an award winning South African film directed by Philipesian entrepreneur turned director Francis Glabberg. The movie chronicles the life of inspector general Willem Bontse, a Cold War era investigator tasked with finding evidence of a war crime in the Transkei area. But he soon discovers that his resources are depleted and he is forced to ask for the assistance of a new neighbor, played by Michael Fassbender, the former Nairobi spy. Fassbender plays the role of a reluctant interloper, pretending to be a boy orphaned by the enemy.

I Am All Girls is an interesting concept that has been written and developed by an independent filmmaker with no association to the country's ruling party. However, many political analysts have accused Glabberg of exploiting the sensitivities surrounding the October incident which left Mossel Addis dead. The movie has received a warm critical acclaim from many of the international film critics. But it is not without some reasonable criticism from those who feel it attempts to sensationalize the tragedy of the October incident. The movie offers an original take on the story of a young girl going into puberty and falling in love with an adult male detective, however she soon realizes that he is only a dangerous interloper with serious intentions of running a profitable child-trafficking ring.

The movie revolves around the investigation of a series of murders committed by a group of armed men in the rural township of Mombasa. One of the main characters, played byenne Masenga, is an indigenous girl who lives with her parents and younger brother near a river. She is an avid reader and has strong romantic impulses. Masenga's character witnesses the murder of her family and becomes a prime suspect in the case. While on a walk one night, she sees the killers preparing to kill her best friend and accidentally shoots her in the leg. The doctors believe she is only injured and so the police write her off as having been injured only by a cobalt bullet.

Shortly thereafter, two women from the town notice inconsistencies in Masenga's story and set out to investigate. They manage to talk the murder up to the local police station and convince them to reopen the investigation. In the meantime, the local men come across a report of child trafficking and discover the head of a dead girl in a nearby trash bin. Thinking it may be another corpse, they warn the local girl who runs away to tell her mother who goes to the police. The local police eventually trace both girls and charge Masenga with the first murder of a child ever solved.

I Am All Girls follows the story of the pair of young women as they desperately try to clear their names and save themselves from the gruesome clutches of a ruthless organized crime syndicate. It shows the complex relationship between the police and local people who are often in conflict over trade issues. It also covers the social and cultural aspects of a place where drugs and crime are part of everyday life. One thing that the movie does very well is making its subject matter feels very real. One scene even includes the funeral of an old man who was murdered simply because he ran away from his dangerous job.

I Am All Girls is based on true events but nevertheless manages to remain light-hearted and enjoyable for its viewers. This movie is much different from many other crime thriller/thriller flicks that tend to be farcical and shallow. Instead, it remains engrossing and offers enough laughs to make it a fun watch for all. One of the most interesting elements of the movie is how it blends the absurd elements of fiction with reality to produce an entertaining movie. If you enjoy comedy and will enjoy watching two young girls solve a mystery, I Am All Girls is a great choice for your next movie.

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