Judas and the Black Messiah
Judas and the Black Messiah (2021)

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You can kill a revolutionary but you can't kill the revolution. 2021/2/12 125 min.


In press J.W. Paris's new movie, Judas and the Black Messiah, the world gets introduced to the underground organization of terrorists called the Black Panthers. Formerly an underground resistance group of freedom fighters, the Panthers were formed in 1966 with the merger of several groups.

With his newly found fame, former South African President, F.W. Botha decided to form the African National Congress, which would become the forerunner of the Mandela Organization. On August 3rd, he gave a speech during a commemoration for the victims of Apartheid at the United Nations. In his speech, he stated that there will be no peace in the country until Apartheid is completely abolished. Although he did not state that specifically this quote caused a storm, leading to violent protests throughout the nation.

Two days later, Paris was shot and killed while vacationing in an Italian resort, posing no danger. An autopsy conducted by Dr. Reinhart Verweij, head of forensic psychiatry at the University of Amsterdam, found that Paris had been shot multiple times, in the back and left side of his head. His killer, identified as 33-year old Johannesburg born Afriyie Jackel, claimed that he had come to South Africa to 'kill white people'. Jackel was given nine years' jail, plus a lifetime tax evasion sentence, for shooting Paris.

In November of that year, former President Kgalema and Prime Minister PW Botha were assassinated. The murder came to light just as the trial of PW Botha began in the Supreme Court in acquitted of Apartheid leader, Nelson Mandela. The subsequent investigations pointed the finger of blame at Apartheid officials for the deaths of both Kgalema and Botha. Apartheid leader, Bikie Hunter, was also implicated.

A year after his untimely death, Judas returns to South Africa to take command of the corrupt National Congress. With the death of PW Botha and his replacement as President, ANC, the governing party, easily defeats the conservative party, Union of South Africans, led by PW Botha's son, PW Koosi, with ease. The movie ends with the formation of a new government headed by PW Koosi, who is backed by PW Botha's former Freedom Movement colleagues, principally PW Botha's son, Thabo, and PW Malfonius, both of whom now have become president. The movie then depicts events from the formation of the new government up to the death of President PW Botha, who is shot dead on the shores of Lake Albertiasis, supposedly by a bullet from an Israeli helicopter gunship. After his murder, MTW resumes control of the country.

Overall, the movie is a great anti-apartheid propaganda piece, using music from prominent South African musicians to provide its anti-apartheid message. The movie casts a great cast of South African actors and actresses and even has a rather touching and poetic ending (which you'll need to see for yourself). Overall, the movie is a fun watch, especially if you have an open mind about Apartheid.

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