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2021/7/28 127 min.


When you are looking for some good romantic scenes with believable characters, you should definitely watch Jungle Cruise. Directed by Luc Jacquet and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Dances With Machines are one of the better movies of 2021. It has excellent story lines, an energetic pace, and visual treats like few other movies can offer. So if you want more of the same, you might consider watching Jungle Cruise...

When a group of British Royal Navy officers set sail on a luxury cruise to investigate a mysterious, dangerous island, they encounter a vicious storm and several dangerous animals along the way. While on their island to visit a tribe of Apis, who have been isolated for centuries. In the meantime, Frank and his friend, Dr. Lily Houghton (DiCaprio) devise a plan to rescue the remaining humans. Together, they hunt for a mysterious tree that contains the magical power to cure - an important finding which will ultimately change the course of medicine... The plot thickens when the ship docks at the mysterious island and Lily, Frank and Dr. Fischer (Jennifer Aniston and Ben Kingsley) must rely on their wits to survive the dangerous jungle. However, things do not go as planned and they are forced to find help...

This is the second installment of the smash hit Jungle Cruise attraction. This time around, it takes the crew of the British Royal Navy on a surprise trip into the Amazon to find a massive and dangerous jungle. Will they be able to solve the puzzle before the natives reclaim the village and kill all of the humans on the ship? Can the Ancient Tree be resuscitated and serve as a powerful antidote to poison? And how can the "Fisher-Price" toys and characters to be used in the production?

You can bet the answer is something fun and exciting, especially considering the success of the original Jungle Cruise attraction. But you also have to wonder if the new jungle cruise attraction, though based on the success of the first one, is going to be produced in a similar style, offering only a small taste of the larger jungle. Some parents may be upset with the somewhat different approach and may not want their children to experience such a drastic departure from the original jungle themed ride. With a little bit of foreseen and advanced information, you can expect a much better, more successful and innovative take on this popular adventureland ride.

For the first part of the show, your guests will board a special boat that takes them to the Amazon where they meet up with some natives. Once there, they'll be led through rivers, through trees and up to rafting down the rapids. At some point, you can expect to see Albert Wesker, the original jungle hunter, as he uses his knowledge and his skills to guide the tourists through the forest. After taking some short stories about each area, you'll then move on towards the rapids where the actual rafting begins.

After witnessing the destruction that happens when the rafts begin to capsize, a quick shot of vines crawling across the backdrop and the familiar "Woo-woo" song heard in the Disney movie theme parks comes on the screen. The magic kingdom is then shown through the jungle setting, as several of the main characters, including Alice, are seen hanging out in the trees. Just like the other new scenes from the Jungle Cruise attraction, these new scenes will eventually disappear. The new scenes from the new attraction, along with the original jungle boat ride and jungle cruise attraction, are included with your regular ticket price for the Florida attractions.

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