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2021/4/2 97 min.


Just Say Yes is a funny movie that follows a group of young people who discover that they can say just the things that they want to say, but in order to do so they have to agree with their friends, boss, or any other authority figure. The movie may be geared towards younger audiences as it has many of the same issues that teenagers face in today's society. However, despite the age group for this movie, the message it tries to get across to its viewers is one of freedom and self-confidence. The movie starts out as a bunch of high school seniors are taking a road trip and encounter several problems along the way.

The movie Just Say Yes reminds us that we all have things that we say we'll do but usually forget to carry out our plans. In the movie there are several different scenes that show the characters struggling to execute their plan. These struggles often lead to the group members getting further apart. This separation causes them to have to say even more things that aren't exactly what they meant to say. As each character loses his or her sense of communication, the conversation never seems to stop. Eventually the party comes to an end and everyone goes back home happy and satisfied.

Just Say Yes shows us that sometimes we say what we mean to say but just don't realize that we've said those words. For example, at one point in the movie one of the characters states that he doesn't mind seeing the other guy's ex-wife. Immediately following that the other guy says that he thinks that the guy needs to see what his ex-wife has been up to. Both of them then go off and do just that. The result is one of the characters telling the other man that he should really mind his own business.

The movie Just Say Yes also shows us that people who are successful tend to be very good listeners. In many instances the characters would never have had the guts to ask the question if what they're saying makes sense. Yet when they do, the result is often successful and wonderful sayings. At other times, the outcome might not be as good but that doesn't matter because it happens all the time. There is really nothing wrong with being a listener and making sure that we say the right things at the right times.

Speaking of "the right times," the movie shows us that at one point in the story, there is this young man who was cursed and needed to see just what would happen if he were to dare to say "no." He did just that and the results were absolutely fantastic. At the end of the day, his life was much different. Because he was so open and honest with himself, it allowed him to discover all of the possibilities that lay within him.

Just Say Yes shows us that sometimes saying "yes" is just not enough. Sometimes we have to add an extra element of "no." After all, no means no and therefore, saying it with more power is always a good idea. It is also a great way to be bold. You can add your own spin on these great sayings and if you do, it will be something truly original and very appealing.

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