Justice Society: World War II
Justice Society: World War II (2021)

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The fight for justice is the greatest battle of all time. 2021/4/27 84 min.


Justice Society: World War II features the Justice League of America as they battle the Nazis after they are brought into action in World War II. The film has a number of great elements which make it very entertaining to watch. One of those elements is the voice of Aramis Knight. He voices the character of Jadoo, one of the members of the Justice League. He also does the voice of Sardis, another member, and the father of one of the characters in the film, Lightning McQueen.

While the Justice Society was assembled in New York City, they were attacked by the Nazi regime, the Thule Corporation, which made the Vril machines that were used to kill the humans. Because of this, the Justice League was split up into groups, with Flash taking on a suicide mission while Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman went on their individual quests to find and bring these machines back online. When the group finally located the Vril machines, however, they were attacked by Brainiac, who was controlled by the Nazis. In the end, though, the Justice League was able to bring the machine online, allowing it to fight the World War II villains.

When the Vril machines were online, though, there was a strange power possessed by the villain, who made himself the ruler of the world. He then started sending out vibrational waves that were undetectable by the human mind. This was done in order to divide the human population and force them to fight each other. As this was occurring, more people were coming back from World War II, bringing weapons and technology with them that they had no use for. With this, the hatred started to build and the Justice League was put on the defense against the raging tides of evil that threatened to destroy the world. As the Justice League was forced to fight against the Vril menace, they discovered a mysterious stranger.

This man, who called himself Parasite, used his hypnotic ability to make others under his command to fight the Justice League. After he created several robotic Menados to go after the Justice League, however, the Justice League was able to stop his attacks by tricking Parasite into making his machinery go to sleep, rendering him powerless. During the course of this struggle, Parasite managed to completely absorb all the evil energy in the world, turning all of it into his own personal energy source, thereby weakening the Justice League even further. Eventually, the Justice League was able to get themselves, together, to stop Parasite once and for all, although this turned out to be only a brief respite, as he soon returned again.

With each new Crisis that breaks out, the Justice League needs to react faster in order to stop more villains from taking over the world. During one such Crisis, the Justice League has to deal with a giant meteor hitting the earth and causing devastating damage to cities around the globe. As a result, the world's population lost hope, and many gave up hope for a better tomorrow. However, Superman's efforts to bring life back on earth were foiled by the arrival of a mysterious and powerful being known as the Fifth Giant. The Justice League was able to defeat the evil Fifth Giant, but not before he captured the Justice League's main members, Superman and Batman. Desperate to find out what happened to their beloved friends, the Justice League members went in search of Superman and Batman, and they found that both of their loved ones were safe and well, in fact, Superman and Batman were in a Lazarus chamber under the earth.

Fortunately, the Justice Society was able to rescue them and they were able to return to the real world. However, Superman and Batman were both badly injured and they were placed in cryosleep to heal. The Justice Society was brainwashed by the evil entity, and it began to try and make the members fight each other in an effort to cause more collateral damage. Watch the latest Justice Society: World War II movie now!

Original title Justice Society: World War II
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