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There's no time for mercy. 2021/9/10 106 min.


April Fools Day! Now, talking of the '90s, on April Fools' Day, HBO Max is premiering the new crime miniseries Mare of East Town, starring Titanic's Kate Winslet and adapted from the novel by Anna Pigeon. In this film offerings, HBO Max would also premiere Mortal Kombat, the second installment in the video game adaptation of the popular game. Another highlight of this year's Easter festivities would be the release of Men in Black 3, a third installment of the hit 'Bourne' franchise that sees an all-star cast headed by Kevin Costner. In this installment of the series, Michael Chiklis returns as Kip Hawkeye, while Eric Bana makes his debut as Sammoore.

The premiere of Mare Of East Town marks the official start of the third season of HBO's Men In Black. It would be the first film in the series to star Kate Winslet, who has long been a favorite character among die-hard fans of the series. Besides the role of Kate, Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway have also signed on for the film. However, it is still unknown who will take over the role of Dr. Ellis, the head of the police academy.

Since the first two installments of the Men In Black series, viewers are already looking forward to the third installment of the saga. While fans are excited about the prospect of Kate and company going after notorious villains like Dr. Julius Glaubov, Kate herself remains the primary focus of the story. Will she be able to overcome the obstacles set in front of her? Can she get the job done as the lead of a successful team? Or would she simply be another victim of circumstance?

People who have already seen the first two installments of the Men In Black film franchise can't help but compare the movie to the successful Sherlock Holmes serie, which was released just a few months before the release of Mare Of East Town. The comparison is apt, since the setting and storyline of Sherlock Holmes (which was based on the great detective Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels based on his adventures in London) has already been established. On the other hand, Mare Of East Town is expected to be a big hit with the British audience, given that it is the very first time that Kate Winslet has portrayed a central character whose race is not English. Will audiences see her as equal to Holmes or as an equal who simply happened to have the same name? That is the question that has many moviegoers weighing down the reviews of the upcoming movie.

Another factor that will fuel speculations about the role of Kate Winslet in Mare Of East Town revolves around her prior work as a professional dancer with the London Ballet. Though the role of the lead dancer in the musical was played by Keira Knightley, many people are speculating that the former Gossip Girl star may take on the lead role since she can really dance! This speculation is fueled by the fact that Winslet had earlier expressed her desire to take on a different kind of role and dance in one of the Merchant Ivory movies. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether this is true or not. One thing is for sure though, as Will Smith's recent role as the son of a famous drug lord in the latest Independence Day installment of his Fast And Furious franchise made him a hot favourite among the film critics.

Other than the spotlight that has been cast on Kate, her co-stars in the film also have their own speculations about the movie. One of them is to note that the chemistry between Winslet and her co-star Christian Bale is believable. They have a chemistry that can be compared to that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in their films; their relationship works. Moreover, the two stars look great together and this is one more reason why audiences will like the film.

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