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In "Koati", a fearless coati must stop a wicked coral snake from destroying the land he calls home. This story takes place in the jungle of Costa Rica. The free-spirited coati is accompanied by a brave monarch butterfly and a hyperactive glass frog. Together, they are tasked with saving the forest from the evil snake. But can they save their home? Read on to learn more about these animals.

The movie Koati is produced by Anabella Dovarganes-Sosa, and directed by Rodrigo Perez-Castro. The cast includes renowned Hispanic musicians, actors, and comedians. The film was produced by Los Hijos de Jack and Upstairs Animation, as well as Magnus Studios. It also features a diverse range of global talents, including actresses Sofia Vergara, Rafael Dovarganes, and Marc Anthony.

The production team behind the animated family movie Koati was inspired by a real story. The movie depicts the adventures of three unlikely heroes as they fight evil forces and protect biodiversity. The film was created by acclaimed Hispanic producers, musicians, and influencers. The cast has an estimated 300 million global fans, with several actors, singers, and digital celebrities. In addition, more than 20 global stars and celebrities are involved in the production.

The film's soundtrack features a variety of Latin artists. It features 10 original songs from Latin musicians and will be released on Magnus/Sony Music Latin labels and distributed worldwide. The movie follows the adventures of three unlikely heroes: Nachi, a free-spirited coati, Xochi, a fearful monarch butterfly, and Pako, an hyperactive glass frog. Each one has its own unique skills and talents, but these three creatures come together to save the world.

The film is based on a real-life event, which took place in Brazil. The two main characters are free-spirited coati and fearless monarch butterfly. The evil glass frog, who is also known as "Koati", is a dangerous coral snake. The film is based on a real story, which focuses on three unlikely heroes. The two are best friends and are best of friends. The two of them fight against a wicked coral snake to save the forest from destruction.

The film's musical score is a tribute to the rainforest. While the song lyrics and visuals are fantastic, the film's soundtrack contains no scientific accuracy. Instead, it is a testament to the art of 2D animation. The score is full of heart and lust for life and a little adventure. The songs are beautiful and enticing. Sosa-Dovarganes spent a lot of time convincing investors to invest in the movie, but the movie's age rating is quite young for its intended audience.

The movie is an animated fantasy that focuses on the story of three unlikely heroes and their quest to protect their homeland. Its runtime is 1h 28min. The movie is PG, with some rude material and thematic elements. It is suitable for children and adults alike. Thematic elements are important, and there are a few scenes wherein the characters are portrayed as a family. So if you're looking for a movie with a strong cast, it's worth watching.

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